The Importance of Car Turntables for Dealers

Are you one of those car dealers having multiple top-class branded cars? If yes, then you already know that visuals are everything to showcase the looks of cars.

Taking photographs of cars outside can be daunting as you have to consider many factors such as weather, pollution, traffic, etc. However, to capture the attention of online shoppers, it’s good to have the best quality images & videos, which might not be possible with outdoor photography.

So, it would help to have a 360 car turntable to take your car photography to the next level while ensuring a professional look. So, what is a car turntable and its importance for your car-selling business?

Let’s find out with this article.

What Is a Car Turntable?

A car turntable, often known as a vehicle turntable, is a platform that can rotate with the car. The car studios primarily use these turntables for 360-degree photography by the dealerships for displaying the vehicles in their home garage.

Today, the turntable has become a universally recognized selling tool in the car dealership industry. It can rotate as per your needs & requirements so you can take the photos as per your requirements, which creates excitement in the viewers.

In general, there are two types of turntables, in-ground that lays flat on the floor, while on the other hand, an above-ground table protrudes above the floor.

4 Importance of the 360 Car Turntable You Can’t Ignore

Turntables are one of the most suitable platforms for showroom owners, with limited garage space to showcase the best quality car pictures.

The importance of spincar 360 has been recognized universally as one of the practical selling tools for car dealerships. 

Create Stunning Images – One of the best advantages of car turntables for online car dealers is that they can display stunning car pictures in their inventory. Moreover, this would add a studio backdrop for all the car images & videos that give your car a professional look. 

Attract Online Buyers – In the online world, buyers would always appreciate & value high quality & professional images. Car turntable is a boon for online car sellers in attracting online buyers, which also helps take online presence to an entirely new level. 

Saves Times – Having several automobiles and needing more parking space might be annoying. However, an automobile turntable installation can be manageable in a tiny space, and you don’t have to take extra space to make room for your autos. With a turntable, you may park one car, rotate the turntable, and then park the next car. You don’t have to strain to turn when you need to go out, and you can rev the turntable and take the car away without colliding with other vehicles.

Commercial Showroom – Automobiles can be turned easily with a 360 car turntable. This is a great way to show customers the newest car models from all sides quickly. As a result, adding a turntable to vehicle dealerships is an excellent concept for the industry. This makes it simple to engage customers and increase their confidence in your items.

Final Thought

A car turntable is one of the most influential modern technologies for photo shooting cars. However, it increases the external dependencies on external factors and comprises hefty investments.

So, if you want to create a 360-degree user experience for your online shoppers, Spyne is always there. With the benefits of automated professional editing and high-impact visuals, you can attract more buyers than before with our spincar 360 feature.

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