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The Importance Of SEO and responsive web design for Businesses.

The current trend is towards mobility. This is why more and more websites are being made adaptable to all types of media, thus including mobile terminals. These new uses have pushed Google to review its natural referencing algorithm.

While mobile traffic is growing exponentially, the Google search engine intends to favor “mobile friendly” sites. The web design Galway experts develop the websites that are mobile optimized. Mobile optimization is one of the major factors in ranking. This indication refers to the creation of a label in the SERP (The results page of a search engine) and announces that mobile compatibility would become a criterion of relevance for its algorithm. Sites optimized for all media should therefore rank higher in Google results. This approach is part of an evolution of the web and is fully adopted by Cliqued Media Web design agency professionals. Web Design Galway developers find the innovative ways to make the sites engaging, SEO optimized and catchy. The purpose of creating responsive web designs is to encourage companies to optimize their websites and offer a new user experience to their customers while responding to the issue of accessibility for all. Cliqued Media Web developers are the most fit for solving all your concerns regarding mobile optimization and responsive web designs. 

Apart from the aspect of accessibility, it should be noted that search behavior differs depending on the navigation media. Indeed on mobile, the mobile user will spend less time than on a landline, he is often very precise and knows what he is looking for. Whenever you research your site’s performance, you need to make sure it responds in the best way to desktop and mobile searches. Remember that an optimized responsive design site will always be more suitable and more efficient than an unreadable site on mobile.

What is responsive Web Design by Cliqued Media Web Design Galway?

You have surely already tried to navigate on a site not adapted to the mobile and tried to click on the menu or other various links without succeeding … with the responsive web design that is finished!

Responsive Web Design (RWD) or responsive web design is a technology that concentrates different development and graphic design principles to create a site that self-adapts to the size of a screen. It is designed to offer visitors an optimal browsing experience, thus making it easier to read and navigate on all media. The objective is to plan for all terminal formats and to offer visual consultation comfort for each of them via a relevant architecture and design. The challenge is that the user should have minimal use of horizontal scrolling or zooming in / out. Manipulations, which in fact can degrade its navigation. A “Responsive” user experience. By taking the web developing service from Cliqued Media Web Design Galway agency, you will get responsive websites for increasing your online visibility and promotion of your business. 

The SEO benefits of Reponsive Web Design: 

Google’s decision is not without reason. Responsive website has significant advantages in terms of natural referencing.

 1. Facilitate the crawl of GoogleBots:                                   

The responsive creation of a site facilitates the crawl or technique aiming to scan or browse a site and extract as much information as possible. The objective of the crawl is to know the structure of a site, thus making the navigation of Google’s crawlers easier. Google can then discover your content more actively and it therefore no longer has to analyze a page with the various Googlebot user-agents in order to retrieve and index all of your content.

2. Getting a “Mobile” icon in the mobile search results pages:

Since Google’s announcement providing for penalties for sites not adapted to mobile phones, it has also set up a rating system for sites playing the game of adaptability. Now, a phone icon will appear in front of each result of a site that has responsive web design technology or a mobile version. The purpose of this icon is to increase your click-through rate in the mobile SERP (results page of a search engine), ideally inducing a rise in your positioning and a final improvement in your referencing.

 3. Avoid duplication of content:

If you do not choose the Responsive web Design solution and you opt for a mobile site separate from the desktop site, pay attention to the originality of your content. Don’t duplicate it. This is why opting for a RWD solution seems more practical. Indeed, duplicating content is akin to cheating for Google. This is to prevent complete and easy plagiarism of websites. In the case of a copy paste of content, your site will be instantly spotted by Google’s indexing robots and will be blacklisted by the search engine. In responsive design, you keep your same site on all resolutions. The URLs remain the same, it’s your content that adapts.

 4. Keep your “link juice”

Let’s take the responsive design vs mobile version comparison a little further. The creation of the latter requires the development of a new site, a new domain name and therefore logically a new referencing. Responsive technology makes it possible to keep a single site for all media. You will then effectively keep your link juice and your page-rank (SEO positioning in the SERPs). All of your backlinks and social mentions (Facebook, Tweeter, google + etc.) will be destined for a single website. In the end, you not only optimize the SEO of your mobile version but also the whole of your site.

Some points to pay attention to in your SEO strategy:

1. Different mobile search queries

When on the move, mobile users use different and more targeted search expressions than those used from a fixed computer. During an internet search, the mobile user is in a perspective of speed and tends to quickly find the information sought. In particular, it can respond to a compulsive need to buy or to seek practical information. His queries then turn out to be ultra-personalized depending on the user’s location. This is an SEO part to take into consideration. Your keyword choice strategy must indeed respond to this dual use.  

 2. The shorter “title” tag on Mobile

Watch out for the title tag which is much shorter on mobile. From 45 characters, it is truncated, against 50 to 53 characters on desktop search.

 3. Increased page load time

Beware of increasing loading time. This may be higher when loading a mobile site. This is due to the adaptability technique of a desktop to mobile site, which consists of hiding certain HTML elements in a CSS style sheet. This solution loads unnecessary resources and therefore increases its opening time, in addition to the internet connection which can become unstable and irregular. The loading time of a page is an important SEO criterion for positioning. Depending on your mobile audience objective, it may be more interesting to go through the mobile first method, to reduce it. This method consists of a post-development optimization phase, thus translating a development designed for mobile first and then adapting it to the desktop format. Cliqued Media Web developers designs the websites in a way that enables the websites load faster and hence play a role in increasing the online visibility. 

Solutions to optimize mobile referencing with a RWD site:

Here is an exhaustive list of plus-plus solutions allowing you to push your mobile SEO even further with a responsive web design site:

1. Create mobile-specific landing pages

The creation of specific landings pages with dedicated content optimized for mobile devices will allow you to obtain a better ranking and generate a maximum of traffic on all mobile and local requests.

  1. Adopt RESS (Responsive Design + Server Slide Components) to optimize and boost the efficiency of your website.

Some developer teams favor a client-side approach while others lean towards server-side solutions. However, the RESS solution (Responsive Web Design + Side server components) combines these two approaches to offer an optimal solution during such a design. RESS offers a powerful and effective solution to improve the performance of sites designed in responsive web design. This technique detects the type of terminal requested, whether desktop or mobile, and allows you to load only the elements that you want to display (images, HTML, JavaScript files). You will then obtain considerable savings in loading times. 

Responsive allows you to benefit from real advantages in terms of SEO. It is therefore a passage, a necessary action to improve it and not to deteriorate it. In terms of figures, since April 2019, sites that are not compatible with mobile devices have visibility on Google (mobile) 9.3% lower than what they get on a PC search. There is therefore a decline in the visibility of non-mobile-friendly sites.

For the creation of responsive web designs that must be mobile friendly and SEO optimized, You must try once Cliqued Media Web Design agency Service. We aim at providing the best Online solutions for your businesses.

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