The key advantages of using an online video editor

As the internet bandwidth rises, the amount of services offered in the cloud rises proportionally. As a consequence of rising adoption of broadband, everyone is seeing the advent of numerous tools, applications and software that do not need to be downloaded. In this case, online tools for making and editing videos are becoming popular.

The advantage of using these tools is that they let users upload their footage, make the edits that are needed and then download the edited and exported video. Do they seem like an attractive option? For many, they sure are and are in common use by many.

This post will help you understand all about using an online video editor, read about the pros and cons of using online video editing software, and decide for yourself whether you should use it or not.

An online video editor – what is it?

Online video editors are basically components of video editing software that work completely in cloud servers. Before any user can use videos present on their local computers or servers, they should upload the video to the online video editor (and the server it is hosted on).

From this point, the remote server handles all the work and effort of creating the edited video. A good thing is that users get to control the interface right from their favorite web browser.

Although some of the video editors are very basic, other editors have almost the same features present in downloadable video editing software run easily from local computers. They can convert the edited videos in different file formats, use the videos of different formats, apply elementary features and export to a download folder or to a user’s favorite video sharing platform.

What are the advantages of using an online video editor?

With descriptions kept aside, now is the time to understand the reasons why anyone may want to use an online video editor instead of using a dedicated video editing software for the personal computer running on either Linux or Windows.

Depending upon the user’s use case, online video editors offer three major benefits which most downloadable video editing software hardly have. Hence, they are as under:

They are cost effective

Online video editors often work under a freemium style model. Users can easily create videos for free, and if they want more features, like HD and a wide array of filters, then they can pay for that. This is worthwhile for those who are only doing a few videos at a time.

If users plan on making videos regularly, they should do the calculation for using the paid features by themselves and determine which options will suit them best.

Cloud storage facilities

While users can certainly pay for cloud storage with a different provider and back up all their files (audio and video) with them, that can be an added expense and some extra steps. Yet, it should be understood that online video editors call cloud servers their home. Hence, any video files used with them are also present in the cloud.

As video files are large in size, cloud is a very good alternative in terms of keeping the files in use on local computers. However, users must ensure that they have checked all the terms and conditions for each online video editing site present.

Why? Because some of them might delete the videos after a certain period of time or if they have not been used in a while. Whereas some are not reliable and can copy the user’s work for another undeserving user.

These editors can run on any platform present

This ranks among the best features of most online video editors. Those who are using a Windows based computer can see that it is not hard to find video platforms that are best suited for their device’s platform.

However, for those who are using a different operating system or are usually using multiple systems at multiple instances, having a video editing solution running in any web browser is hence a huge benefit for them.


For those who are occasionally working with videos, online video editors are worth trying for them. But for those who regularly work with them, and have the best tools available, downloadable video editors are still viable software for them to work upon.

Companies who wish to develop video editing apps for mobile devices must make sure they hire app developer that have priori knowledge about developing such an app.