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The most authoritative spot trading platform

There are more and more spot trading platforms, and we often worry about choosing an authoritative spot trading platform. It is a good thing for you to find this guide, because you will know more about spot trading through reading this guide. Of course, the most important thing is that you will get a spot trading platform with zero transaction fees – CoinW crypto exchange.

What is spot trading in crypto?

In the spot market, you purchase and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum in the form of instant delivery. In other words, cryptocurrencies are transferred directly between market participants. In the spot market, you directly own cryptocurrency and have the right to obtain economic benefits, such as voting for major bifurcations or participating in pledge. Cryptocurrency trading on CoinW crypto exchange are spot trading.

Why CoinW is the most authoritative spot trading platform?

Since July 5, CoinW officially announced the implementation of zero transaction fees for BTC transaction, becoming the first platform in the world with zero fee rate for BTC transactions. This move has stirred up the current status of the existing exchange industry to a certain extent and set off a wave of exchanges following the trend. From July 13, 2022, CoinW will fully start the zero transaction fees for spot trading activity! Users will no longer be charged transaction fees when participating in all spot trading in CoinW!

Characteristics of spot trading

  1. It has been in existence for the longest time. Spot trading is one of the oldest trading methods, and it is also an innovative and flexible trading method in the process of practice. The earliest barter is a kind of spot trading. With the development of social economy, the breadth and concentration of commodity exchange are expanding, and the specific practices of spot trading are also increasing
  2. It covers the widest range. As spot trading is not limited by trading objects, trading time, trading space and other aspects, it is also the most widely used trading method. Any commodity can be completed through spot trading, and people can obtain the commodities they need through spot trading at any time and anywhere.
  3. The transaction is most random. As there are no other special restrictions on spot transactions, and the transactions are more flexible and convenient, the randomness of transactions is large.
  4. The shortest delivery time. This is the fundamental difference between spot trading and forward contract trading and futures trading. Spot trading is usually a real-time transaction, with payment cleared, or the delivery of goods in a relatively short period of time.
  5. The price signal of the transaction is short. As spot trading is a kind of transaction mode of goods delivery that is completed immediately or in a very short time, the price of the transaction between the buyer and the seller can only reflect the current market situation and cannot represent the future market changes, so spot price does not have a guiding role in guiding production and operation. If producers or operators arrange future production and business activities at spot prices, they will bear a great risk of price fluctuations. This feature of spot trading is its disadvantage.

Final Thoughts

Through the above introduction, we found that the choice of spot trading platform is crucial. Choosing an authoritative spot trading platform can not only ensure the security of our transactions, but also enable us to obtain the market trend of cryptocurrencies in time to make the best judgment. CoinW can meet your needs to the greatest extent, This is why many traders call CoinW the most authoritative spot trading platform.

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