The prolific Just Fontaine

When thinking about great French strikers, probably many people imagine Kylian Mbappé, Antoine Griezmann or even Thierry Henry. However, before any of them was even born, there was another French striker who delighted the world with his effectiveness. Currently 1xBet is a website for online betting, and it can be used for wagering on fantastic French players.


Just Fontaine was a French striker who played between 1950 and 1962. Despite retiring at just 29 years old, he still impressed the world. He played for four different squads during his 12-year long career, such as:


  • USM Casablanca;
  • Nice;
  • Reims;
  • and the French national team.


Fontaine was actually born in Morocco rather than France. Right now 1xBet is a great website for online betting, and it also features Moroccan football matches. He started his career in USM Casablanca, where he played between 1950 and 1953. He scored tons of goals, and this was enough to help him secure a move to French football.

Moving to France

Between 1953 and 1962, Just Fontaine played for two French football squads, which were Nice and Reims. Both of these squads are also featured at the www.1xbet.com/en/live website for betting. He scored goals like there was no tomorrow. In fact, during his entire Ligue 1 career, he scored 165 goals in a total of 200 matches. Those are truly impressive numbers.


In fact, Fontaine was crucial in helping Reims to reach the final of the 1958-59 edition of the European Cup. Unfortunately for him and his team, the Spanish team defeated them in the final. However, the French player still became the top scorer of the entire competition. The 1xBet website also allows its members to wager on these major European football competitions. At the same time, Fontaine was also proving himself as a prolific goalscorer for the French national side.

A prolific international career

Just Fontaine played for the French national team between 1953 and 1960. During that time he played 21 matches in total and scored 30 goals. That’s more than a goal per game, which are extremely impressive numbers. Punters can visit 1xbet.com/en/slots to play online slots while waiting for these excellent and prolific goalscorers.

Fontaine’s debut for the national team was already incredible. He played his first match against Luxembourg on the 17th of December 1953. His team won 8-0, and Fontaine scored a hat-trick. However, the biggest feat of the Frenchman was by far what he did at the 1958 FIFA World Cup. He scored 13 goals in total, which stands as the record for the most goals scored in a single championship. It is possible to visit the 1xBet website to play online slots prior to the beginning of the next edition of the FIFA World Cup.

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