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The Proper Way to Go About Cleaning Your Boss 25 Shotgun

The Boss 25 Shotgun is an incredibly popular weapon created by Citadel. A large part of its appeal is its AR-15 styling, as well as its performance. However, in order for it to work to its full potential, it needs to be cleaned regularly – especially straight after it has come from the manufacturer. 

So, to help you if you’re the latest owners of these super-cool shotguns, we now look at the basic dismantling and reassembly – by far the hardest parts of the cleaning process. If you’re ready and have your Boss 25 in front of you, let’s begin. 


Ok, so first off, we’re going to do our Normal Safety Precautions (NSPs) by ensuring that the weapon isn’t loaded and is safe to disassemble. This is standard practice for firearms use – something of which experience gun handlers will be very aware.

You’ll do this by releasing the mag from your Boss 25 shotgun (if attached), opening the breach for a visual check of the chamber and then releasing the bolt forwards once you’re sure it’s safe. 

Then you’ll be removing the:

  • Muzzle device from the end of the barrel. This just requires you to unscrew it gently.
  • Shroud, which sits adjacent to the muzzle device. 
  • Handguard. Some Boss 25s feature 2 x 3mm screws (which will need unscrewing), although some don’t. 

This completes the necessary disassembly for you to clean your Boss 25 shotgun. Now you’ll be cleaning all visible metal areas, something that you’ll need to pay particular attention to if it’s new from the factory. The manufacturers use lots of access oil, so it needs to be wiped off with a clean rag. 

The Oiling Stage 

Now you’ll be reapplying some Hoppes Number 9 oil (other brands are available) and making sure that all components have a light coating. If you have a bore snake, apply a little oil to it and run it through the barrel a few times and that should complete the necessary oil. 

Don’t skip this step in an attempt to save time, as it’s oil that’s going to keep your shotgun working well for longer. 


All that’s left to do now is reassemble your Boss 25 by reversing the disassembly steps. So, you’ll be reattaching your hand guard (remembering to screw the 3mm screws back in if you have them) and screwing both the shroud and muzzle device back into place. 

Be sure to screw the shroud on securely, but don’t over-tighten as a) you might damage it or b) make it difficult to remove the next time you clean it. 

A Clean, Well-Maintained Boss 25 Shotgun is a Happy One 

Essentially, that’s all that’s required to keep your Boss 25 in tip-top shape. It might seem unnecessary at times, but believe us when we say that it’s a vital practice to keep your weapon ready to fire at a moment’s notice.

10-15 minutes is all it takes to protect your shotgun so it’s maintained and ready for use, so be sure to follow these steps to keep your shotgun happy. 

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