The Role of Social Learning on Online Learning Platforms

Social learning is fast becoming an integral part of online learning. It’s not just a phase or a trend that will vanish with time. Credible statistics—and people’s love for ‘the demonstrative learning process’ will drive social learning to the forefront of online learning. Humans learn socially: it’s a part of our integration process; however, this fact was not established until Albert Bandura released his Social Learning Theory. According to article where the Riseapps team covers the steps and features to build an online learning platform, they often incorporate social learning for the speedy, communicative, and interactive learning experience.

Roles of Social Learning on Online Platforms

  • Enhances incorporation of direct learning processes to online learning platforms
  • Excellent for learning technical or often complicated fields of study
  • Fosters interaction, suggestion, and exchange of ideas

Enhances the Incorporation of Direct Learning Processes to Online Learning Platforms

Social learning enhances the direct learning process. Imagine learning how to write codes, design graphics, and create stunning animations on a digital or online platform. Social learning makes this possible by bringing real-life experiences into an e-learning website. The experience is amazing because learners get to see instructors creating, and then the students can follow. Natural learning process is essential for a higher learning curve. With the direct learning process, students or learners can easily foster a relationship with their tutors, follow examples set by the tutors and even interact with other learners to achieve a greater level of understanding. Tutors can also grade the learners based on their performances on the set tasks.

Excellent for Learning Technical or Often Complicated Fields of Study

The world is fast changing into a global village. Today, people can learn practical and technical stuff like modeling, 3D visualization, data analysis, coding, even surgery, can now be learned online. Today, you can learn from your favorite author and begin a path to becoming a published author. You can learn the fundamentals of boxing online; you can participate in group challenges for weight loss and body fitness. A Stanford research revealed that about 45% of the physicians in the Stanford facility admitted to having benefited from social learning. Patients also get to know about their ailments, treatment plan, processes, risks, and what to expect after the therapy, through social learning websites and apps. Stanford University revealed that 45% of their doctors admitted to benefitting greatly from social learning.  

Fosters Interaction, Suggestion, and Exchange of Ideas

Social learning fosters communication and interaction between people. For example, online learning platforms like Udemy connect you with tutors and students alike and make your learning process fun. Idea exchange is another important factor of social learning. With idea exchange, people who find out newer and better ways to get things done will share with the whole community. Today, software developers include both developing and community support in their learning program. With these supports, a newbie can meet, interact, and learn from the more experienced users. A community of experts, intermediate users, and beginners is excellent and ensures that no matter what level a person is, he/she can always teach the lower-level people and learn from people who are more experienced. In the final analysis, social learning fosters community exchange of ideas.

Strategies for Incorporating Social Learning in Online Learning

Provide Interaction and Idea Exchange Platforms like Online Forums

Online forums have been around for a long time—and they will not fade anytime soon. With Online forums, people interact, teach, learn, and share ideas, innovations, and discoveries around the subject matter. Today, forums exist for virtually all types of issues, software programs, topics, and fields. There are medical forums, technical forums, forums within the technical field. There are political and social forums where people share ideas and develop ideologies.

Incorporating Question & Answer Session

Q&A session is another powerful strategy for social learning. Q&A sessions can be put in general forums. Participants will get to ask questions, and tutors will be able to explain the answers further.

Social learning is, perhaps, one of the most essential parts of e-learning. Establishing an e-learning platform without social learning capacity is a complete waste of time. With social learning, participants, contributors, tutor, and everyone else will gain immensely and learn in an interactive environment.


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