The semi-automatic offside introduced in Qatar 2022

During the tenure of Gianni Infantino as president of FIFA a lot of technologies have been introduced into the game. Cricket is another sport that also makes use of technological tools, and can be used to wager on them.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup also rolled out a new technological tool that should reduce the amount of incorrect offside calls. It is known as the semi-automatic offside, and unlike other tools, it wasn’t tried in other major competitions before the Qatar tournament. The 1xBet online betting platform can be used by all punters who want to wager on the likelihood of a player being caught offside.

Lots of technological tools

In order to make it as effective as possible, the system operates with lots of electronic devices that track various pieces of data. By the way, cricket is another discipline that uses technology, and the website can be used to wager on its matches too.

Some of the main aspects about this system include:

  • there are 12 cameras installed in various points across the stadiums;
  • these cameras follow the exact position of 29 different points on the body of each individual player, while also following the ball;
  • also, the ball has a sensor that determines when exactly it was kicked by a player.

The 1xBet website is a perfect place to wager on whether a footballer will be caught offside or not. It is hoped that the controversies related to offsides will be substantially reduced thanks to the use of this system.

How does the system work?

The cameras follow the ball and players at a rate of 50 times per second. If the calculations made by the computers that operate the system determine that a player is offside, an alert will be generated. At 1xBet you can watch live football on your smartphone, and follow many different occurrences that can take place during a football match.

However, this alert is only shown to the officials in the VAR room. They are the ones who review the situation and make suggestions to the main official on the field. The reason why this system is called “semi-automatic” is because it only generates the alert. In other words, the final decision on whether a play is offside or not relies on the referees and officials. If you sign up to 1xBet you can do plenty of things on your smartphone, including watching live football matches from plenty of tournaments and competitions.

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