The Simplest Laptop Purchase Strategy

The Simplest Laptop Purchase Strategy

I will share some laptop purchase strategy. But recommending laptops is not easy. We cannot explain it clearly in a few words. Many people do not know how to choose a laptop. Because they cannot understand the configuration parameters. For choosing a laptop, the parameters are not the first thing. Understanding one’s own needs is the most important thing!

First, let’s look at the main categories of laptops:

Low-end version

They have advantage in the price. Some consumers will have the impulse to buy it. But this kind of laptop is ugly. They are difficult to use. They have poor performance. I don’t advise you to buy it.

Light and thin version

It is a light, thin and portable laptop. HONOR MagicBook 15 is such a type.

The more expensive, the better the material and workmanship are. The lighter it is, the better the use experience is.

High-end version

The price will be high. It is more suitable for users with high requirements. For consumers who often use large games. This is suitable for the users running large rendering software.

Next, you can think about the following three questions. So you can buy what suits you.

The first question: what do you want to do to buy a laptop?

Although this question is very simple, think carefully. You may not want to buy it in the end.

I think many people will have such answers. They want to study, work, entertain, watch videos or play games. These can cover the use of most people. Let’s analyze it one by one.

The purpose of students is to study. The office workers need to work. These two mean the same. They will use office suites and web browsing. Almost all computers can do it.

Special ones, such as typing codes, making videos, use PS even modeling. They need laptops with higher performance. It is better to buy game books.

Then there is audio-visual entertainment. Most computers can do it. But the experience with a large screen will be better.

The last is to play games. This also relates to what games you play.

If it is an online game, a common laptop is enough. If you are pursuing single-player games, you must buy a gaming laptop.

Question 2: what kind of laptop do you want to buy

It should run fast and looks good. It should have strong performance. We can play many games. It should be lighter, good-quality, cheap. The above contains the thoughts of many people.

“Daily applications can run smoothly.” Laptops with solid-state drives can achieve it. Because the speed of solid-state drives is faster than the ordinary. Solid-state drives have become popular.

These figures with hard disk capacity of 128GB, 256GB or even 512GB are solid state drives. In order to improve the use experience, I do not advise you to buy laptops without solid-state drives.

“Good-looking” is very important. A laptop should accompany you for at least 2 years. If your laptop looks good, you will feel better in daily use.

Of course, the above are the basic direction. The configuration parameters vary from person to person.