The technology dominating the iGaming industry

In this guide, we’re diving into some of the technology dominating the iGaming industry. iGaming is already big business, but it looks set to continue to grow as more people embrace ways to play on their phones and other devices, and tech continues to improve the offering for the consumer.

In the world of technology and gambling, things move incredibly quickly. Keeping abreast of the latest iGaming news can help you to stay on top of the current trends, as the tech mentioned below continues to take over.


Mobile gaming

Mobile isn’t particularly new in the world of gaming, but its expansion is continuing to roll out and become one of the dominant ways in which people are gambling. People don’t necessarily need to download apps either. Modern browsers on iPhone and Android support HTML5 and other coding languages used to create some of the top games.

Mobile gaming allows you to play in many different ways. Gone are the days of a few simple slot games. Now, there is a wide variety of casino and slot games including mini games with more chances to win and variation to keep people interested. 

People love tie-ins, just like games that reflect sports in real life such as Grid Legends. You can play more mobile games than ever that incorporate the games, and even movies, that you know and love. The number of slot games is growing all the time, and at quite a spectacular rate, as plenty of companies continue to make new software that they then lease to other gambling companies. With the industry being so big, it is little surprise that so many advancements continue to happen.


VR and AR

VR and AR technology continue to threaten to become absolutely huge. It is thought that in America, about 1 in 5 people have played something in VR or have the capacity to do so. That means a lot of headsets and a lot of ways to engage with games.

Undeniably, as tech continues to get better, people will enjoy the “in-person” feel that they might get from VR or AR, and the fact that they can feel like they are truly visiting the casino rather than just playing at home.


Live dealers

Another attempt to be more like the in-person experience is dominating the industry. Live dealer games can be found on a variety of different platforms and enjoyed on laptop, tablet and even mobile. This means engaging with a real person.

Some people still prefer to use software that simply gives them a representation of the game they are playing, such as blackjack, but others would rather see the cards dealt and watch the game unravel in front of them. As iGaming continues to improve, it looks to meet virtually everyone’s needs.


Security tech

The technology driving our online gaming is largely what we can’t see. Things such as authentication of servers that help to keep us safe and secure. Big casinos and gaming companies have a responsibility to keep everyone’s data safe and secure as well as their money. Tech such as blockchain has continued to make this easier and make the whole internet more secure. Don’t expect a shift away from this focus any time soon, there are always people looking to steal data and make a quick buck.


New ways to pay and play

Payment technology is another change we’ve seen happening very quickly. Some of these changes are now being incorporated into the technology behind the gaming industry, as we can now gamble using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This technology in itself isn’t what is driving the game, but it is certainly impacting the industry.


AI and analytics

It is hard to know exactly how the analytics of our behaviors are being used, but there are certain ways in which gambling companies like to track consumer behavior, and this can help to create a more personalized gaming experience, recommending games people might enjoy, for instance.

There are some restrictions on the promotion of the industry and gaming companies have a responsibility to try and protect players from problem gambling, but they may well be using the data they collect in a variety of ways to create a more engaging experience.



It’s hard to predict where we will be in the coming years, as gaming continues to move so quickly, but there is no denying the link with technology and the fact that the experience continues to become more secure and engaging.

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