Things Freshman Students need to know about Academic Life


The most important issues that you need to be well aware of as you join your first year of college to make sure that you attain your dreams.

The first year out of high school can be so challenging, more so for the learners who are planning to transition from their high school to college. The different types of assignments, new course mates, different lecturers, and a foreign environment can leave college students feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. The good thing is that the transitioning process can also be one of the most exciting moments for a student as they anticipate beginning studying the subjects of their interests. It is important to note that a lot can happen during the first day or week in college. Therefore, it is essential that you be prepared and have a good knowledge of what you will encounter. Regardless of how confident or cocky other students may seem, you will rarely see an individual entering the hostel for their first time without a few butterflies in their stomachs. If you are a freshman and are experiencing high anxiety and stress levels, you are not alone. Here are things you need to know as a freshman.

You will write a lot of assignments.

Most college students state that their first year in college was so overwhelming. The majority of the students have difficulty to focus on their studies because of the transition from 25 students to a lecture hall filled with more than 500 learners. On the same note, you will be given different assignments to be completed within a short duration. You will also be required to continually check the course syllabus, study using your textbooks, and prepare well for your examinations. At some point, you may feel like there is no enough time to accomplish all the activities scheduled for a day. The good thing is that there are enterprises offering essay writing companies that can assist students in completing their assignments. Also, in college, you are granted the freedom to choose classes that you find worth directing your efforts. This means that you need to make the right decisions right from the very start in order to avoid frustrations in the future.

Nothing is compulsory

One of the main differences between college and high school is that you are granted a lot of freedom in college. Therefore, it means that you are enrolled in the faculty of your volition. In high school, your parents would drag you out of your bed, take you to school, and ensure that you got inside the classroom before leaving. In the ancient days, there are some universities, which operated like high schools. Currently, whereas some colleges require students to have minimum attendance before they can be allowed to sit for their examinations, there are others, which will not subject a scholar to detention if they do not show up for their classes. Even though nothing is compulsory, if you have enrolled in college, the reason is that you want to advance your studies. You have decided that you are ready to wake up early, prepare yourself, and go to class. It also means that you value education, and you want to spend your time at the college enriching your mind.

It pays to be proactive.

Just as your professors will not be taking the class`s attendance to ensure that you have attended the lecture, they will not also make a follow up when it comes to submitting your assignments. Therefore, it means that no person will nag you on whether you have completed your assignments, revised for your examinations, or written notes. With all the freedom surrounding college life, it does not necessarily mean that it will be easy for you to complete your assignments on time. Every student is responsible for their academic success and, therefore, whether to focus on academics or not depends on you. You should not study because you are afraid of getting into trouble, but because you clearly understand that going to class and listening to the professor will make the learning process easier for you. Although most of the tutors have thousands of students to educate, they will always be willing to assist students who find themselves stuck. Always remember that you will receive only when you ask.

Expect the unfamiliar

Remember that when starting your college life, most of the assignments you receive and the subjects you do will be unfamiliar to you. Apparently, this is true for the students who pursue subjects that they did not do in high school. While you might have scored good grades in high school through cramming, things will be very different. On the same note, whereas you might have mastered how to complete your high school`s presentation and assignments, you will encounter different writing formats as well as marking criteria at the university. However, this does not mean that you will score low grades in your first year of campus. It is essential to be open to different possibilities and be ready to learn new things daily. It can be challenging to maintain your concentration more so when the lecturer is not engaging. You might be tempted to use your smartphones or laptops to log into your social media accounts or even play games in such a case. One fact is that some professors will not be as interesting as you had imagined. Suppose you can access reading materials from the library. In that case, it will not be that difficult for you to read and understand various concepts by yourself, provided you follow the class` readings.

Ensure that you take your time to make friends

When you join your first year of college, do not underestimate the importance of friends. Your college years will be full of trials and tribulations and you will need someone to talk to when things get rough. You will also need people that can help you during your academic journey since you will face very many hardships trying to do well. Always make sure that you keep your friends close since the most important connections in your life will be made during your collegiate years. When you fail to make friends early, you will find it difficult to fit in or even have a sense of belonging. Additionally, there are many difficult assignments that you will need to complete and you will most likely need to hold closed discussions with your close friends. Life can be very lonely when you are alone and college is one of the places that you need to avoid this kind of loneliness.

Your health is very important

When you join college, you will likely feel the need to work hard in a bid to do well. The problem with too much hard work is the fact that many of us tend to neglect our health in the process. Always make sure that you keep healthy habits like working out and eating healthy meals. When you are of sound health, it will be easier for you to focus on your studies. It is also likely that you will be in a better position to attend all your classes. When you fall sick, you will need to go to hospital which means that your academic life will be interrupted for a while. The best way to avoid disease is to maintain a healthy life and it is important that you adopt this habit early in your college years.

College life is neither easy nor difficult. Every person has their own stories to tell. What might have worked perfectly for you while in college may not work well for another student. Always desire to be unique and achieve the things that seemed impossible by other students. Also, evade from comparing yourself with the rest of your peers as well as engaging in unhealthy competition. The first year in college can be so confusing to the majority of the students. However, that does not mean that you will be the only experiencing the mix-up. The above tips will familiarize you will some of the things you will encounter while in college.


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