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Things To Know Before Starting With Search Engine Reputation Management

When it comes to Search Engine Reputation Management, there are a few specific things that you should know about it. This will help you a great deal in managing your online reputation. For any business, irrespective of its size and nature, it is paramount to have a stellar reputation. This will make sure that you do not lose your money and your business on the whole only due to a few negative comments from your customers.

Therefore, when it comes to managing your online reputation, there are a few things that you should know and follow, first, with the statistics.

According to a report published by the World Economic Forum, it is found that:

  • 25% of the market value of a company is directly related to the reputation it has on the market.
  • 45% of the consumers decide not to do any business with a company or brand if they find something negative about it during their online search.
  • 92% of the consumers read online reviews regularly to know more about a business or the product that it deals with.

It is only when you take the right steps, you will be able to protect and manage your online reputation and, at the same time, maintain a robust online presence and create better brand awareness. These steps include monitoring your status.

  • This means that you will need to know what people are saying about your business
  • Respond to any negative comments as you come across as soon as these are posted and
  • Address any potential issues before it is too late.

You can use different tools to make it easier for you to monitor your online reputation, such as If This Then That or IFTTT, Me On The Web, and Ice Rocket.

Use social media

Apart from that, you must also make the best use of social media and its different platforms for managing your online reputation. Since there is an existing brand on one or more of these social media networks, your online reputation management will be incomplete if you do not factor in the social networking sites.

Ideally, any online reputation management company Miami will emphasize this because this will help the brands to build and maintain a larger audience and, at the same time, maintain a higher level of engagement with them. This is because social media sites are compelling, and the users of these sites are highly effective in interacting with your customers.

These are the sites that will also help you to build trust and influence with your audience. If you can do that, it is less likely that they will post any negative comments about your business on these social sites.

Therefore, be prompt enough to respond to any negative comments or complaints posted on these sites. This will ensure that you solve the issues before it escalates any further and reaches an unmanageable status.

Identify the changes required

One good way to manage your online reputation or create a positive one is to make sure that there is no negative issue, or even if there is any, it is resolved at the earliest.

  • If you have or want to create a more impactful online presence, it is always a good idea to sort out the noise and find those things that you need to change on priority.
  • You may also set personalized filters in addition to that. This will help you to showcase some of the best and most relevant results that will help your business grow the online reputation.

You can use and make the best of the different social listening tools. This will take your ORM to the nest higher level. It will provide you with a lot of valuable insights about the reputation of your brand and also the ways in which you can improve it.

Dealing with the negative comments

Any business, no matter how well it is doing, will have a few negative comments. However, you should not ignore and necessarily not delete such negative comments. This is because the aftermath of it on social media will be disastrous. It will attract media attention through the conversations on your social media accounts or even in the review section of your official website will not be directly displayed in search results.

Therefore, make sure that you follow the best practice to bring up a conversation offline. You can do this by:

  • Sending a direct message to the customer or
  • Providing them with the phone number for your customer service line.

Another significant reason why you should not delete the negative comments is that it can erode the trust that you may have built with your customers, apart from the social media backlash.

Therefore, make sure that you own up any errors that you may have made and show your customers that you have made or are making the necessary efforts to solve the situation. When it comes to online reputation management, there is no scope for being dishonest or shady.

Leverage customer complaints

Since “the customer is always right,” you should learn from the sentiment behind such a saying. It is natural that you may not agree with a bad review, but that will not stop the customers from posting one. The best you can do is:

  • Carefully examine the saying of the customer
  • Find the reason that makes them feel negatively and
  • Find the best ways to change their outlook.

Therefore, you will be better off when you treat every negative comment as your learning experience. It will also help your business to grow and, at the same time, build your online reputation.

Claim your Search Engine Results Page

Last but not least, you should claim your rank and authority in the search engine results pages or SERPs by gaining the top rank. You can create social media profiles, have a few people write about your nosiness, have several websites with the same name of your company, and by contributing to several other online publications such as the message boards and forum boards.


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