Three MacBook Accessories You Didn’t Think You Needed

When you purchase a new MacBook, you get a charger to go with it.

Many times, people don’t go further to buy any other accessories for their laptops because as long as it’s powered up it’s good to go, right? Wrong.

There are several MacBook accessories that you have probably never given a thought about, but should.

Here’s a list of just three of those accessories that will help amplify your MacBook’s performance while keeping it in great condition.

Keyboard Covers

Imagine typinglikethis because your spacebar is blocked by debris and crumbs.

Your keyboard is essential for you to use your MacBook properly, which is why you should make sure that is it protected from the things that could easily damage it.

Keyboard covers do just this. They are thin layers of silicone that perfectly outline the ridges of your keyboard, creating the perfect seal between your keys and the environment.

A keyboard cover is a great accessory to have because it protects your keyboard from spills, stains, grease, food, and more. If something gets lodged and is disregard for a long period, you will most likely have to find someone who can repair your MacBook keyboard .

While keyboard covers can help protect your computer, they are also capable of causing damage if not used properly.

According to Apple, you should not leave a keyboard cover on a MacBook because it can damage the display screen when the laptop is closed.

Apple designed its laptops to have a tight seal between the keyboard and the display screen, which means there is zero space for a cover to fit in between, no matter how thin. The additional layer can leave permanent imprints and result in you having to get a MacBook retina LCD repair.

The simple solution is to just remove the covering after you are through using your laptop. They are easy to apply to and remove from the keyboard.

Besides the safety factor, keyboard covers also make a great accessory for the MacBook because they are customizable and can be found in many designs, are easy to clean, and mute the click-clacks of the keyboard.

A Wireless Mouse

A MacBook comes with a touchpad, which is essentially a built-in mouse. This is what makes owning a Mac great; the fact all of the computer essentials come as one unit.

This does not mean that its compatible accessories should be completely disregarded. The differences between a touchpad and a wireless mouse make the perfect example as to why adding certain accessories will amplify your MacBook.

Besides it being built-in, you may only choose to use your touchpad because there is no additional cost, you won’t have to worry about carrying a mouse with you, and it becomes instantly available once you boost your MacBook up.

At the same time, touchpads can be extremely sensitive and make the cursor difficult to navigate, and you are limited to the amount of space you have to work with, being that each touchpad is only a few inches wide.

But you may want to consider getting your hands on (literally) a wireless mouse because it too is easily portable, does not require the hassle of lengthy wires, and makes it easy to scroll and navigate any page you are on without any boundaries.

Another plus to owning a wireless mouse is the fact that there will be less wear on your trackpad. Even though the built-in navigators are not easy to break, they do wear out over time and you’ll have to get a trackpad repair done.

Wireless Headphones

Have you ever tried watching a video on your computer in a public setting without headphones but got annoyed that you could barely hear anything? Or got annoyed by someone else doing the same thing?

Why just not bring a set of headphones to avoid these issues? Many times people avoid using headphones because they don’t want to deal with the tangled mess.

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy AirPods or any other type of wireless headphones, here it is. Do you know that you can use airpods in gym as well ?

AirPods are completely wireless and connect to your MacBook through Bluetooth. Just from one single charge, you can get up to 5 hours of listening time.

What makes them so great is that they tune out the environment around you, and prevent the sounds you hear from leaking into the environment. So whether you are in a bustling office or a hushed library, there will not be conflict in sound levels.

Relying solely on your MacBook speakers is not always the best thing to do either. Depending on what you are listening to, raising your laptop’s volume only lowers its sound quality. Wireless headphones, especially AirPods Pro are known for giving quality sound no matter the volume.

Accessories Make for Great Quality Computers

Even though keyboard covers, wireless mouses, and wireless headphones are not often prioritized accessories, they make a great difference when it comes time to sell your MacBook and move on to the next one. Keeping your laptop’s keyboard, touchpad, and speakers in great condition will make it worth more in the future.

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