Tiffin box manufacturer| and RFID door lock system

Best Steel Tiffin Boxes Manufacturer in China

Nicety is a reputable and seasoned stainless steel tiffin producer which has been operating since 2005. We aim to offer an eco-friendly, healthier and economical method for preserving food items, we make stainless steel tiffin containers that can last for many years with top-quality performance.

Beautiful stainless food containers made of steel are manufactured in accordance with the strict quality standards of the world that make them suitable to the environment and health. A few of these standards are those of the LFGB, EU, REACH, FDA, CE, and BSCI.

Full Customized Steel Lunch Box for your Business

Employing cutting-edge techniques, we can offer an array of manufacturing options to bring your customized tiffin box manufacturer made of steel ideas and ideas to come to.

Custom Lunch Box Lid for Metal

To ensure the best coverage for your stainless lunchbox, we make a variety of lids. These include bamboo lids and stainless lids made of steel.

Steel Lunch Box Appearance

To improve the appearance of your lunch box we apply a powder coating that’s scratch-proof. You can also create customized appearances by the printing process, including laser engraving stamping, decal craft thermoprint, spraying paint, etc.

Lunch Box Shape Steel Lunch Box Shape

As a reputable stainless steel lunchbox maker our capabilities in manufacturing extend to the creation of various lunch boxes such as oval, round, square compartments, as well as rectangular lunch boxes made of steel..

Stainless Tiffin Box Packaging

We supply you with premium packaging that makes an impression that lasts. Your customized lunchbox made of steel packaging can be personalized with your logo to help promote your company’s image.

What is an RFID door Lock System?

If you are looking for ways to increase the security of your rental property Door locks with RFID are an excellent option to look into. They have gained the respect of many for their capacity to keep people protected and deter criminals.

In reality there are a few RFID door lock system are able to provide adequate security. Choose the RFID doors that are believed to be the safest alternative currently available in the marketplace. It is only the best way to be sure that the lock meets all requirements and demands that the proprietor would like to meet.

The issue is that it can be difficult to distinguish between mediocre and exceptional performance. This isn’t easy to carry out because there are several moving parts.

Pros and Pros and Cons of RFID Lock System

Keyless entry locks offer a variety of advantages over locks that are traditional and keys designed for industrial buildings. These RFID-enabled door locks from China provide the following benefits of convenience as well as security benefits for customers:


RFID-enabled locks designed for homes cards safeguard against access by preventing unauthorized access since they are harder to replicate than conventional keys. For instance when an employee who was terminated was to have an additional key created and they wanted to be granted access to the premises after returning the original key. Key cards may also be removed to stop an unauthorised person from entering a building or accessing storage lockers.


The non-contact structure that is built into the lock’s keyless entry removes the hassle of looking for keys. This is particularly useful for those with full hands and require opening doors. Keys can be connected to a lanyard, then waving it towards the reader without the use of hands.

Cost Savings

In cases that require access to many individuals, like gym members, regular key cutting is expensive. If keys are lost or stolen and call for locksmith services, there could be an additional cost. Replacements for RFID keys are simple and affordable.


RFID locks are available in a range of spindle lengths and cams which allows them to be placed on many furniture and doors. They can be utilized in many different industries and in a variety of.


Potential Breach

While the majority of RFID card systems are secure and are designed to notify police and other authorities However, there are a few instances. A criminal could use the system to gain entry to the home simply by figuring out the code or stealing it if there are too many wrong codes entered.

Electrically powered systems may not function Correctly

The last disadvantage associated with the RFID locks for hotel doors are that they might not function correctly when there is power failure.

In the end, the door might be safe during an accident or it may be damaged and not close. The good news is that many systems have batteries that are reliable for backup.

The hotel door locks that are RFID have an alarm with low power. The hotel guests must change the batteries as fast as they can.