Tips for a Festive Children’s Birthday Party at Home

Tips for a Festive Children's Birthday Party at Home

During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is advised to stay at home to reduce the virus’s spread. Including you right, Moms? Recently, the teaching and learning process and work are done at home. Maybe some of your plans should also be cancelled considering this condition, including the little one’s birthday celebration. But celebrating birthdays during a pandemic can also be festive, you know. Check out some tricks here!

Do it Online

With advances in technology, now you can have parties online. Many video calling applications with many people you can use, such as Zoom, Slack, Google Hangout, WhatsApp, Skype, and many others. Invite your siblings and friends to participate in ‘attending’ to celebrate your little one’s birthday video party. Give understanding to your little one even though his friends can’t come to sit at the same place with him, they are still celebrating the little one’s happiness in their respective homes through an application intermediary.

Coordination of the Drive-Thru Parade

Do you want to invite your relatives and friends to your little one’s birthday party? Try organizing a parade where guests drive their vehicles past your house wishing them happy birthdays. Ask them to decorate the vehicle like a real parade. It’s a little troublesome, but during this pandemic, they will appreciate your efforts and rejoice at your little one’s happiness.

Optimal decoration

Decorations play an essential role in any condition, and now you don’t need to hold back from turning your family room into your little one’s party room. For those of you who have never prepared festive decorations, this is the time! Decorate balloons in the house’s hallways, use party decorations that you have used before, make homemade birthday banners, do what you can. Surprise your little one with a unique and festive birthday atmosphere.

Fun Games

Even though you can’t invite performers, such as clowns or magicians, Moms can also keep birthday parties lively by holding fun games for your little one. For example, hold a ‘treasure’ discovery contest. Hide the gifts you have prepared for your little one in a certain place, then make a contest about finding the prize.

Cheating Day

Moms can also enliven the party by presenting a variety of foods that your little one likes. There may be some foods that you are not allowed to eat, such as candy or snacks. But there’s nothing wrong if today is a cheating day for your little one. Order his favorite pizza menu via ready-to-deliver orders, also don’t forget to prepare a bowl of jelly that you have been hiding in the cupboard. Indeed, your little one feels the privilege of his birthday even though he can’t party as usual.

Costume party

Moms can also hold a costume party to celebrate your little one’s birthday. Does your little one like the character Elza from the movie Frozen? Let her wear her favourite Elza costume. Don’t forget Moms and Dads also wear costumes with the same theme as your little one. You can again ask your little one about what costumes Moms and Dads should wear. He asks you to play carrots and Dads as deer, while she becomes queen? No problem. Moms can also invite your little one to make home costumes days before the celebration day. This can also foster the excitement and joy of his birthday party later.

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