Tips for Increasing Traffic

Increas Traffic

Website is an additional revenue stream for many brick and mortar businesses. Even for businesses that are solely relying on it. This makes its traffic an important factor to take into consideration. Here are a few tips for increasing your website traffic:

Improve web design and navigation

A quality web design is important for an increased web traffic. Make sure the design is attractive, doesn’t look cluttered and has an easy navigation to help users browse it easily. An out of place web design will turn off everyone resulting in low web traffic.

Perform keyword research

Seo is very important for website traffic. Make sure to properly optimize your site for SEO and use appropriate long tail keywords where necessary. Conduct a thorough keyword research to find a list of suitable keywords. There are many free tools available for keyword research such as Google keyword planner, Ubersuggest and SEMRush trial version.

Blog consistently

Blogging is very important. Use a proper blogging strategy to improve your web traffic. Don’t forget to incorporate long tail keywords in blogs and internally link them with each other and the main web pages to ensure traffic flow and growth.

Create quality content

Don’t create content for the sake of content Creation. Focus on quality instead of quantity. Use tools such as Buzzsumo etc for content ideas related to your niche. Only the quality content rules the search engines. Check out what your competitors are publishing and make sure you offer something more valuable and unique in return. Use different web elements such as text, images and videos to make it unique and thorough.

Mobile friendly

Mobile traffic continues to grow every year. Make sure your website is mobile responsive and friendly. This way you would get more targeted users as people continue to browse sites on phones more than laptops and other devices.

Social media sharing and promotions

Don’t forget to properly integrate social media promotional strategy for your website traffic. Social.media may look like a simple thing to do but truth be told, it requires proper technical knowledge to properly promote a product or a service over it.

Email campaigns

Email marketing is not dead and never would be. It is the cheapest way for gaining more traffic and sales. Don’t forget to grow your subscribers list and plan appear Email marketing strategy for your website promotion.

Guest posting

Posting on relevant niche blogs is another great way for an increased referral traffic to your website. Although you may have to use a sponsored tag for getting a link into the article, this strategy still works for web traffic if used to provide value instead of just link placements.

Influencer marketing

Finding an Influencer in your niche is another real way to convince people into buying from you. Just like celebrities, Influencer can increase your website traffic by simply sharing your product or service across their social channels and website. Every Influencer works on their own terms and conditions such as free product in return of recommendation or some payment. It’s up to you to decide that beforehand.

Choosing a Quality Hosting Company

Website speed is also critical to user experience and conversion. In addition to design and development, make sure the web hosting plan you have selected is appropriate for the website increasing traffic. You can choose VPS hosting for business sites and WordPress Hosting for fastening up WordPress powered sites instead of sharing hosting.

Wrapping Up

Traffic is everything to a website’s success and growth. Just like you want more people to flock to your shop, the same is the case with a website. After all, it’s an online shop. Follow all or any of the above mentioned tips to improve your website traffic to a significant number.


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