Tips For Producing Video Content For Marketing

Using marketing videos has become a prevalent trend among both small and big businesses alike. Even entrepreneurs are hooked on video marketing where their story is told in impactful ways. Recent surveys on video marketing found that video marketing increased brand awareness by a staggering 70%, traffic rose by 51% and sales went up by 34%. These are amazing statistics in favour of marketing videos and in this blog we take a look at the most important tips for the production of video content.

The factors that work in favour of video marketing are that consumers are more interested in watching a video than reading a blog, conversion has a better chance across all platforms, and that for storytelling, a mix of video and words does the trick. Video content brings high ROI and most businesses classify this as a potent tool for marketing.

Important Tips And Trends Of Video Marketing


●      Remote Testimonials

With the pandemic raging for more than two years now, the way in which people communicate has changed appreciably. At first, companies would engage in video conferencing to connect to customers. Along with this phenomenon, video production marketing also changed. Remotely shot videos of high quality and texture are a great way of increasing customer engagement. For this, you cannot use a low video quality app. You will require a professional corporate video production in Sydney to work with you and your business in tandem. The video production company will make use of a dedicated platform that enhances the video and sound to make the most impact on customers. The thing to keep in mind with this is that you have to make use of the service of a company engaged with video production in Sydney that have the right tools, personnel and creativity. These testimonials can appear on the feed of different social media channels in a more native way, being devoid of overlays or transitions.

●      Demo Videos For Products

In this method, your company that has a product in the market can make use of video production companies in Sydney to show your customers how to use the product. Statistics show that “how to” is a term that YouTube users frequently use and your how-to product demo has a high chance of being a rage amongst new and old customers alike. Video is an engaging medium where you can assimilate the directions and tips in a comprehensive and engaging manner that supersedes written instructions by a light-year or more. Consumption of online videos has increased by leaps and bounds since 2013, where 55% of all consumers watch these videos in excess of two times each week. Short videos of up to a minute are also enough to give your customers the bare bones information they need.

●      Linkedin Videos

Harnessing a native channel like Linkedin is a great way of showing your marketing video content to potential and existing customers. Over 38% of marketers around the globe use Linkedin videos to connect to people. Again, over 75% of people using this channel found it to be efficient for marketing via video. When you have an online community, you can share your product descriptions, insights and business best practices to a vast audience, promoting your product as well as making them aware of your presence as a lead player in your field of business. As your videos on the Linkedin increase, your following will grow and your page becomes a go to place for people interested in your brand and what it has to offer Video content brings high ROI.

●      Video Sequences

If you have a product that is a bit complicated in operation, a single explainer video is not enough. This is where video sequences show their worth. You can use video sequences to gradually reveal the different promising aspects of your product one after another so that your prospective customer is nudged towards buying what you have to sell. The best part of video sequences is that you can eke out the essential bits of information to present to prospective clients in an orderly and strategic manner without overwhelming them with facts and figures. This is a useful tip as studies show that over 97% of people/prospects are not ready to buy a product at first sight.

●      Testimonials On Video

In some cases, where you have an established and promising product, it is best to let your ideal customer do the talking on your behalf. Your business will only excel when you have a strong and passionate customer base. Make use of this with video testimonials. Ideally, it will be a short clip where an existing customer will endorse your product based on its strengths and promises. When you have a happy customer on video, it does a lot of subconscious nudging to a potential customer, to the point where he may be converted to a paying one. Video testimonials shot with the right candour act as authentic and powerful tools which can influence people to a great extent.

●      Live Videos

Over the last 2 years, this form of video marketing has become quite popular. When you see someone on screen doing authentic actions that reinforce the positive aspects of your product, it is a great hook for potential customers who will feel closer to your business as well as your motto. In order to make your company rise above the competition, you will have to showcase the human face and focus on the employees and founders who will humanize the entire experience with their insights. This forms a deep connection with customers and is a great tip for video marketing.

●      Live To Stream

This has been around for some time now and continues to be an effective way of drawing in customers. You can live stream a webinar, or even go live on Facebook to showcase some of the best features and advantages of your product or service. Live streaming has its fair share of endorsers, and your effort will pay off.


The face of video marketing has gone through a change in the face of challenging times like these. However business cannot stop. Engage your potential and existing customers with the above tips and tricks for video marketing and watch your business grow!