Tips on Buying the Best Rechargeable Head Torch

Tips on Buying the Best Rechargeable Head Torch

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Olight Store offers torches in different varieties with innovation. Whenever we think about outings, and make a list for essentials, torch is always on top of the list. You never know when and where you face an emergency to use a torch. And moreover, if it’s a head torch, then it becomes easy to handle for any person for hand free tasks whether you are a notorious runner or you are fond of hiking, camping, a head torch will prove to be one of the best tools for you. Head torches rechargeable have different features that make their utility more reliant. Let’s have a look on the tips to choose a rechargeable Head Torch-


Things to keep in mind when buying a good head torch

Battery powered or rechargeable head torch – When going to buy a head torch, you need to select whether to go with a battery powered head torch or a battery powered. If you choose a battery powered head torch with AA or AAA battery support. This somehow makes it a little heavier and you will have to change the battery often. If you go with a rechargeable head torch which comes with the USB-rechargeable lithium batteries option, then you will find it lighter in weight plus you won’t have to worry about the battery changing hassle. You can easily plug the USB cable and recharge the battery and have an illuminated path with full light backup.

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Battery life- Battery life is another key consideration while choosing a rechargeable head torch. Take a manufacturer’s stat to choose the suitable head torch which has a long lasting battery life in case you choose a rechargeable head torch. Brands usually give you clear stat about the battery life of a head torch in different modes.

LED Lumen Lighting- Each LED counts in LUMEN combine for greater output, so the higher LUMEN will give the brighter lighting experience, wider beam distance width and will clear your dark pitch with the bright focus. Hence, you need to keep in mind your objective to use the head torch and accordingly consider the LUMENs while going to choose a rechargeable head torch. Olight store has launched an updated series of LUMEN head torches that will fit all your field work or if you are searching for a thing at home.

Material – Give a fine eye in case of the build material of the head torch. It should be light weighted so that it doesn’t hurt your head and seem like a burden. The strap material should also be soft, comfortable, stable on the forehead and easy to handle with the efficiency of illuminating your adventures, whether you are on a camp, a photographer or dog walker.

Durability- There are some more important points while choosing a rechargeable head torch-

  • Different modes to set so that you can save the battery life.
  • A good rechargeable head torch has a lithium battery that has a temperature variant quality so saves your battery from dying on chilly nights.
  • The head torch should be water resistant and shockproof so that it doesn’t affect your job when you are exploring a cave system or digging through boxes.

Olight store has a variety of rechargeable head torches with latest innovative features which you can use as a torch or fix it anywhere or specially use it as your head torch.

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