Tips on making the best real estate investment in Finestrat, Spain

The municipality of Finestrat is a region that is buried in verdure. It is conveniently located between famous Costa Blanca and alluring Alicante. Although the community is situated near the sea, it is still characterized by special remoteness. The remoteness from the sea becomes clear if you visit the walls of an ancient Moorish fortress or watchtower. It was built all along the Mediterranean coast to warn the inhabitants about the next pirate raid and to have time to fight back the Berber bandits. 

The area provides not only sparkling beaches and historic attractions, but affordable accommodation as well. Property in Finestrat attracts foreigners who want to combine the resort-like lifestyle and proximity to the historic past. What else makes Finestrat a place of high interest and how to make a reasonable investment in the real estate in the area? These are the questions to discuss in this article. 

The historic past of Finestrat  

Looking back at the old patriarchal Finestrat, the visitors would see only a dozen cobblestone streets going uphill. Those tiny lines were created from closely adjoined houses of three or less floors. The orange roof tiles contrast with the cobalt dome of the parish church of San Bartolomé, built in the mid-18th century, and the weathered stones of the tower in Plaza de la Torreta.

Such an intricate development may seem unusual; still it has a practical purpose. The houses in Finestrat stay closely to protect each other from the hot sun and balance the temperature inside. On the whole, as any city with a rich history, Finestrat has much to tell to its visitors. 

Modern real estate in Finestrat 

The remains of previous glory are important tourist destinations. But what about the modern developments? – you may ask. The new coastal areas, administratively subordinate to Finestrat, have no trace of the former patriarchy. 

The Gran Hotel Bali, which is the tallest European hotel and the tallest building in all of Spain, stands directly in the beach area of La Cala Finestrat. It is no coincidence that this stretch of coastline is called Benjork. Many surrounding areas of comfortable residential complexes and modern skyscraper hotels are only a headland separated from the Benidorm beach Poniente. So if you decide to buy a house in Finestrat in La Cala, Terra Marina or Sierra Cortina, you will essentially find yourself in Benidorm with its rapidly developing tourist infrastructure.

Tips for making beneficial investment in the real estate in Finestrat 

Consider your budget. Take into account that buying real estate abroad often requires some extra charges

The average price of housing in Finestrat is estimated at €2080 per square meter. Most of the city is built up with detached villas, while apartment buildings and townhouses are integrated into gated urban areas with communal swimming pools.

There has been a lot of development in the city in recent years and with the result that there are many newly built apartments to suit all tastes. The price of new apartments starts from €170,000. Detached villa with a plot of land and a swimming pool will cost from € 450,000 to € 800,000, but there are exclusive options to € 2 million. Housing is commissioned with the finished furniture and appliances. Almost all properties in Finestrat boast views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Decide on the aims and think about the appropriate type of property to buy 

The city provides future buyers with a wide choice of stylish housing options. Decide on the purpose of your investment. If you want to move to Spain and enjoy peaceful life with your family, pay attention to spacious villas and houses. In case you intend to rent homes out and get a return, invest in apartments and luxury real estate. The abundance of tourists all the year round will not leave any investor without income.

 Visit the place 

The era of high technologies allows foreigners to take virtual tours around the property they want to buy. Of course, it is a great benefit for those who cannot visit the country right now. However, if you make a serious decision to invest in a home in Finestrat, it is advisable to come to the area and explore the house of your dream in person. There are loads of peculiarities to investigate. As a rule, they start from the footage of the kitchen and never end. 

Find a trusted real agent and save your money 

Future property owners may think that purchase of real estate without a third-party helper is a way to save money. However, the situation may appear completely contrary.  Reliable real estate agents are perfect helpers because of two reasons:

      They know every nook and cranny of the area

      They performed hundreds of deals so they are ready for any unexpected issues. 

Real estate in Finestrat – where to find?

The website Spain-Real.Estate provides updated information on any residence in the sunny Fenistrat. The exclusive selection of high-quality properties are waiting for your exploration. Do not hesitate to make the right choice.