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Tips to help you prepare for your working holiday in US

working holiday in US

You have had an amazing opportunity to travel to the United States for work. That means you have been chosen as a very good employee represent your company in the United States. That is a great opportunity I would say. But how to be sure you will do your best to make your company proud of you? In the following paragraphs, we will describe more tips and tricks on how to prepare, how to stay safe during your travel, and how to make the most of it. Stay with us and you will find out how to plan the greatest working trip ever.

Stay safe while travelling to the United States

Maybe you have already heard about scams by phone, but maybe you have never been a victim of this type of situation. And these are unpleasant situations of course. How to avoid them? How to recognize a scammer and stay away from him? If they are calling you from an unknown number you should be using an online tool to find out their identity. There’s one innovative method to check any unknown number on a platform titled Reverse Phone lookup. You can use it from any country on the planet, no matter if you live there or not. So, we can do it from the United States as well and keep yourself save while you travel.

Choose a great place to stay in

Find a good hotel to stay in. Maybe your company takes care of this, but make sure that if you have the choice, you tell them which hotel you want to stay in. Maybe you want to be more in the center with “opening” to many states, so you can visit also a little bit of the amazing America.

Visit as many places as possible and don’t forget about the American gastronomy

If you also have the possibility visit some cities and places, as this is a great opportunity to be in the United States. If you make a research on internet and you will find a lot of places that you must see at least once in life. New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, to give me some examples of what you could see. You should also try American food in some local restaurants you can go to with your working partners. Depending on the role you have in the team, you can organize a meeting outside or in a restaurant.

Make something you will remember of

If you are more like adventure type, make memories during your travel to the United States. Make something crazy, something you’ll be proud of and something that will make your trip unforgettable. You could go to the statue of the liberty and take some pictures in the same position. You should work on the Manhattan streets or late night in New York. Make something that will help you remember this trip.

Tips to help you prepare for your working holiday

  1. Make sure you have your passport and visa ready.
  2. Learn about the American culture and the language before you leave.
  3. Bring a laptop and an adapter for the voltage.
  4. Pack your own food and drinks, as there are few restaurants in the US.
  5. Get plenty of rest – daytime work hours are long in America!
  6. Enjoy your time in the US – it is a special experience that you will never forget!

Take our advices as guidance for your trip to the USA and enjoy it!