Tips To Improve Your Home Security System Without Investing In Expensive Gadgets


There is no doubt that modern security systems have improved a lot and now you can have a peaceful sleep at night knowing the advanced cameras have you covered. However, not everyone has the budget to install a smart security system at home since these gadgets can cost a lot. If you still want to save your home from burglars or see the criminals behind bars, there are other steps you can take to improve your home security setup.

Make Sure You Keep Valuable Things Out of Sight 

Just because you have alarms and cameras installed, it does not mean that it is safe to leave valuable items in sight. Some experts suggest that your home should look as “poor as possible” so that burglars could think about just moving on. Do not show off expensive items and make sure you leave new stuff packed till you need it.

Don’t Publicize That You Will Be Away From Home For a Long 

That is just like inviting burglars in on your own. If you plan to leave for weeks-long vacations, make sure you keep the plans as private as possible. If you tell the neighbors to collect your mail or pack and leave quite evidently, thieves may target your place knowing you won’t be back home for long. As a precautionary step, you should choose to leave a few lights on, put a hold on your mail instead of leaving them to pile up, and make sure you don’t do anything obvious to let people around you know about your vacation trip.

Keep Your Windows Locked At all Times 

According to the crime department in Newport news jail Virginia as well as in some neighboring states, windows are the weakest point of entry. You should invest in window locks which are highly effective and affordable as well. Make sure you install these especially, in your first and second floors as well as basements where you don’t spend much time.

See What You Can Do To Secure Seconds Floor

When installing a security system, we are often more inclined to focus on the first floor being armed. The second floor’s points of entry are ignored and that can cause a problem. Window sensors and locks are just as important on the second floor as on the first one if you want to keep the burglars away. Therefore, make sure you take appropriate steps to safeguard your house completely.

Choose Doors With  The Right Type of Handles 

As fancy as they may look, glass doors that are transparent are never the right investment. They give too much away and provide a clear view of sight for the burglars. Similarly, doors with glass near the handles are easy to break through. That means the criminals will have no issue gaining entrance into your home. 

As you can see, most of these changes and tips do not require you to invest a lot of money. Although a smart security system is always a reliable tool to have in- home, you can always top it up with precautionary measures to improve your chances of fighting off burglars and thieves.

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