Top 10 Accounting or Commerce Courses in Ahmedabad – Guide 2021

Accounting or Commerce Course

Commerce can be defined as a detailed study of business and marketing activities such as the exchange of commodities from the producers to the final customers. Commerce, as a stream, can provide a plethora of career options.

The commerce field consists of a huge range of subjects such as Accountancy, Business studies, E-Commerce, Finance, Marketing, etc. The students who take up commerce as their subject have to deal with numbers, and have the opportunity to shape their career in financial economics and business.

In today’s times there is a massive demand for the accounting and finance industry. And to cope up with the rising demand, the number of people opting for these accounting courses is also rising. If you are looking for a commerce course in Ahmedabad, your search stops here as we have got you the ultimate guide that will help you make better career decisions.

Here Are the Top 10 Accounting and Commerce Courses in Ahmedabad

1.   CMA (Certified Management Accountant)

It is a documented certification course within the management accounting and financial management field. It is a highly demanded course, across the globe. It helps to train the aspirants on technologies such as Business Reporting Language to help in conducting the accounting process.  The various aspects of forecasting, budgeting, risk management, financial reporting and many others. If you are interested in skilling up in another account related course Ahmedabad, you should consider Super20.

2.   CFA (Certified Financial Analyst)

It is a post graduate professional certification course for the investment and financial professional and is regarded as one of the most sought-afterdesignations in the world after finance.

It focuses more on financial concepts rather than networking. This designation can be achieved after clearing three levels of exams and having professional experience in a financial institution for a specific period of time.

3.   BAT (Business Accounting and Taxation)

It is one of those professional courses that are equivalent to a bachelor’s degree in taxation and accounting. It makes the students familiar with the systems and tools used in the finance industry. BAT is an extensive and in-depth study of financial reporting using EPR, goods and service tax, MIS reporting, direct tax, payroll and much more.

4.   FRM (Financial Risk Management)

 It is the process followed by the financial institutions so as to find out financial risks like operational risk, credit risk, speculative risk etc. and formulating strategies to mitigate or eliminate these risks.

The process includes understanding the root cause and finding out the sources of financial risks, deciding the extent up to which risks can be tolerated, analyzing the risks which are identified and taking action to solve those issues.

5.   CPA (Certified Public Accountant)

It is an alternative to the CA course, but we can differentiate between the two as it is designed from a global point of view. The number of aspirants is low because it is an economical option rather than a fruitful one.

It includes topics such as taxation, financial accounting and reporting, auditing and evaluation, laws, ethics, strategizing, planning, management of finances and regulatory frameworks and procedures. CPA can occupy different positions and roles in a company such as Manager, Audit Manager, and Consulting Manager.

6.   Financial Modeling

This course deals with managing an organization’s financial status, identifying business opportunities to increase profits, generating budget goals, and improving financial strategies to reduce operating costs.

It involves working with financial statements such as Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash flow statement. The importance of this course is increasing day by day as it enables the industry to strategize their business operations and processes.

7.   GST (Goods and Service Tax)

It is a wide and complicated topic to understand without any professional guidance, so learn GST course in Ahmedabad from Super 20 Training Institute. The course includes the study of basics of tax and system of taxation in India, the structure of GST, applicability of the tax in the different industries based on goods and services, filing GST returns, the GST structures, and tax credit composition scheme.

8.   CS (Company Secretary)

It is a three-year professional course which is equivalent to a UG degree. This extensive course involves the study of business environment, management communication, economics, accounting and entrepreneurship. The course comprises commercial law, company law, tax law, general law, securities law and accounts and audit practice.

9.   ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

It is a great way to start a career in accounting and finance since it is a globally recognized course with the latest industry relevant information. It covers all the aspects of the accounting field.

The topics which are covered in the ACCA course are Business Accounting, Management Accounting, Corporate and Business law, Performance management and analysis, taxation, financial accounting and management, financial reporting audit and assurance on an advanced level.

10.   B.Com

B.Com is one among the foremost popular courses within the commerce stream. It is centered around providing good knowledge of a wide range of managerial skills within the field of finance, accounting, taxation, and management.

The scope includes working as a consultant, an auditor, an accountant, a company secretary, a sales analyst, a business analyst, a finance officer, a junior analyst, a tax accountant, an economist, a stockbroker, a business development trainee and many others.

The Bottomline

Get a GST course in Ahmedabad from s20 provide in depth and extensive study of the finance industry. And over the time, this field has proven to be one of the best career choices in terms of the employment opportunity and pay scale.

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