Top 10 Best Furniture Stores In Johor Bahru

Furniture is an essential part of any home or business. It can be hard to find the right furniture shop in Johor Bahru, JB. Furniture is often considered a long-term investment and will last for many years. We have put together a list of the top 10 furniture shops in Johor Bahru that you should visit.

1. Big Brain

Big Brain is much more than a furniture store. Big Brain offers a large selection of high-quality furniture at an affordable price, while being eco-friendly. By eco-friendly, their furniture is a result of the sustainably-harvested material made from solid rubberwood. Furniture is delivered directly from the factory to the retail store, which reduces their carbon footprint. This reduces shipping costs and allows furniture to be purchased at a lower cost.

2. MI KUANG Furniture

MI KUANG can meet all of your furniture needs. MI KUANG is a furniture store that has been around for over 30 years. They offer professional interior design and renovation services to meet your needs.

3. TECKSEN Furniture

Teck Seng Furniture is a high-quality furniture company that offers a great value at a fair price. Teck Seng Furniture has furniture that can be used in every room including the bedroom and living room.

4. Mudah Furniture

Mudah Furniture offers everything you could need. Mudah Furniture is a trusted brand that offers a wide selection of furniture at an affordable price.

5. JCBespoke Teak Furniture

JCBespoke Teak Furniture specializes indoor and outdoor solid wood furniture. Their service can be used to make custom-made furniture.

6. Italhouse

Italhouse sells all kinds of furniture, including mattresses and sofas. Because all furniture is shipped directly from the manufacturer, their prices are extremely affordable. There are no middlemen.

7. Maestro Perfect Home Store

Modern furniture is what you are looking for to bring style and flair into your home. Maestro Perfect Store stocks many types of furniture including leather sofas, dining table, and brand mattresses.

8. Tan Furniture

Tan Furniture has been in home furnishing since 1983. Tan Furniture is a home furnishing company that caters to modern furniture customers, no matter if they are using it at home or at work. Visit one of their showrooms in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah or Taman Teratai – you can also learn more about them at Taman Universiti, Taman Teratai & Kota Masai.

9. Fella Design

Fella Design is a household brand in Malaysia. Fella Design has been in existence since 1986. It offers furniture for every room. Fella Design also offers wholesale fabrics for sofas, upholstery, and other furniture. These fabrics are made from both in-house and imported fabrics from around the globe.

10. Vidi Furniture Sdn. Bhd.

Vidi Furniture Sdn Bhd is a company that has been putting the customer first since 1998. You can find many products, such as sofas, mattresses and cabinets.


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