Top 10 Hair Shavers in 2022 and Why They’re Special

Hair Shavers

If your hair is getting thinner with each passing day, it is time to consider different alternatives to your balding and unhealthy scalp. If you visit a professional expert to dig up solutions, you will end up spending a good sum of money on hair products, which may or may not be helpful in the long run.

The best and the cheapest solution to several hair problems can be achieved in one simple step, that is, bald shaving. This method is economical and powerful, especially if you are confident enough to carry a different look.

Head shavers play a major role in every man’s daily life. They not only groom your existing appearance but can also present you with a new and trendy look.

10 Best Head Shavers in 2022

When it comes to choosing a product, the primary step is to look for different alternatives online. Large ecommerce giants like Amazon is one of the most visited online marketplace for head shavers.

Listed below are 10 most popular head shavers in 2022.

1.   Philips Norelco 3800 head shaver for men

This electric head shaver for men has been launched by the famous men’s grooming products manufacturer, Philips. This particular item has a 5D pivot which complements the contours of your head and face.

The flex heads facilitate floating movements and reach the inaccessible areas at the accurate angles, offering a smooth shaving experience. Its stainless steel comfortcut blades allows the head shaver to glide comfortably over your skin.

2.   Pritech Men’s electric head shaver

This 3-in-1 men’s multifunction shaver ensures an irritation-free shave. This hair shaver comes with replaceable accessories, and you can use them as per your convenience. Its 4D floating heads allow 360 degrees flexing for a more comfortable hair shaving process.

This shaver is accompanied by a smart LCD display, indicating 4 crucial elements:

  • Ongoing charging process
  • Remaining shaving time
  • Washing requirements, implied by the tap sign
  • Smart traveling lock to ensure higher portability

3.   Groomie Baldiepro bald shaver- 


This bald head shaver is exclusively designed for bald shaving. It uses advanced technology, which offers a quick and smooth shaving experience. Unlike primitive razors, this electric shaver uses IPX7 water resistance technology to allow both wet and dry shaving.

It captures the shaved hair in its blade to promote mess-free shave. You can even purchase the head shaving kit from Groomie and enjoy an effortless shave.

4.   Skull shaver Gold pro men’s head shaver- 

This hair shaver is particularly beneficial if you are looking for a durable cordless use. This product is easy to use and offers commendable grip, enabling a comfortable shaving experience.

It uses smart waterproof technology, required for wet shaving. The blades separate from the chamber to give access to a storage chamber, facilitating a cleaner shave.

5.   Aidallswellup men’s 5-in-1 electric head shaver- 

Aidallswellup has come up with this amazing electric shaver for men which offers you 5 notable benefits- comfortable shaving, cost-effectiveness, effortlessness and hassle-free shaving.

This item is equipped with a 7D floating system to accurately glide over the contours of your head. Its anti-pinch system lets the shaver operate efficiently even on low battery with the help of its intelligent sensor.

6.   Kibiy head shaver for men- 

This 5-in-1 head shaver from Kibiy has a 5D floating system which enlarges the area of contact of your head with the blades and gives you a painless shaving experience.

It is cordless and has longer battery durability. Additionally, it has a smart LED display which indicates the travel lock mode, battery level and cleaning reminder.

7.   Wyklaus men’s head shaver- 

The Wyklaus hair shaver is mostly preferred for its ergonomic design. It has a rubber non-slip appearance, offering a greater friction while shaving. Its LED display acts as a smart indicator of the remaining power level, cleaning reminder and remaining shaving time.

It comes with a haircut craft and lubricant for grooming at home.

8.   Hatteker electric rotary shaver

This electric rotary shaver has a 4-directional head which shields the steel blades. This features a one-tap opening for easy and quick wash.

It has other prominent features like LCD display and a pop up trimmer to trim the edges and ingrown hair with ease.

9.   Ateen 6D men’s head shaver- 

This rotary electric shaver for men has a 5D floating head to offer a comfortable shave with minimal cuts and injuries. It uses modern waterproof technology for wet shaving and washing once you are done shaving.

The package includes many shaving and grooming items like trimmers, cleaning brush and many more.

10. Max-T men’s electric shaver-

This smart electric head shaver from Max-T has a functional and ergonomic design. It uses IPX7 waterproof technology to facilitate, both wet and dry shaving.

It is accompanied by a double-blade pop up trimmer to trim the sensitive areas of your head with convenience.

Hair shavers are highly preferred in 2022, especially over traditional razors. You can refer to the aforementioned sellers of electric head shavers while choosing the perfect product for you.

Nonetheless, whichever shaver you select, you shall not forget to purchase other grooming products like natural aftershave for best results.

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