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Top 10 Solutions to Spy on a Cell Phone

Every person tries to spy on a cell phone at least once in their life. However, the lack of coding and technical knowledge restricts them from reaching their goals. If you are one of them, you can use these top 10 solutions to spy on a cell phone remotely. 

These applications are better because there is no need to root, jailbreak, or even touch the targeted device to spy on them. All you need is to use these platforms and follow the steps to start monitoring them. You can click this to get the best spy app and get into any iPhone or Android device secretly.

Minspy (Complete Phone Monitoring Application)

Spy on a Cell Phone
Spy on a Cell Phone

Minspy is one of the leading applications for phone monitoring purposes. With millions of its users, we can say that it has provided an excellent platform for parents, employees, and partners. The application helps its users to track the activities of any device by verifying it.

The process is simple and includes three main steps to do it- Registration, Phone Verification, and Monitoring. For the security of its users, the whole process is web-based and does not require you to make any changes in your or the targeted device. 

Additionally, the process is completely remote and does not require you to touch the targeted device. That is the reason why it is mentioned by some of the leading publishers in their feeds.

Hence, you can trust this application to start your phone monitoring journey the right way.

How to Use Minspy Application

Setting up this application won’t take more than 5 minutes. All you need is to create an account on their platform and choose the relevant subscription plan. Then verify the targeted device by installing an application on their android device. You can verify an iPhone by entering their iCloud credentials easily.

It will take a few minutes to connect it with your account. Click on the dashboard and you can use all their tools to start monitoring the targeted device.


Spy on a Cell Phone
Spy on a Cell Phone

Spyier is another phone monitoring platform that works with minimum technical knowledge. Anyone can sign up on this platform and create a free account.

After that, you can verify the targeted device and start tracking its data. You can check call logs, messages, location, and much more from the targeted device.

Additionally, this application has some advanced features that provide an easy to use method for experts and beginners.


Spy on a Cell Phone
Spy on a Cell Phone

Spyine is considered as one of the complete phone monitoring packages. It has all the features that one may need to track someone’s activities. The best about this application is that it is pretty simple and requires no technical knowledge to use it.

Parents who want to track their kid’s activities can use it. Experts recommend this application as it is completely safe to use.






Spyic (Best For Parents)Spy on a Cell Phone

Spyic works as a parental control application to track the kid’s activities. It is loaded with some of the best tools to track the location, messages, history of the devices. That is the reason why more than a million parents use Spyic’s application.

Additionally, it has a featured stealth mode that protects the privacy of parents and their kids from third-party applications. Hence, you can trust it as your primary parental control application. 

Neatspy ( Best for parents and employees)

Spy on a Cell Phone

If you are looking for an innovative monitoring application then Neatspy is the one for you. It comes with some reliable features that help parents and employers to track down the targeted devices.

Parents can use their parental control feature to monitor their kid’s activities. While employers can use it to make sure no one is compromising with their confidential data. The application works on the same concept and provides excellent solutions for all smartphones. 



SpyzieSpy on a Cell Phone

Spyzie is considered one of the best spy applications for smartphones. You can check their features to know why they are leading the phone monitoring industry. Keylogger is Their most popular feature that records all the texts from the device and shows it on your account.

Hence, you can check all the passwords that they have typed on their smartphones. Additionally, deleted messages can be retrieved by using its filters correctly. Learn more about this application on their official website.

Cocospy ( Preferred For remote Surveillance)

If you always wanted a phone monitoring application with remote surveillance, then here it is. Cocospy is an advanced application equipped with parental control features and other surveillance tools. The setup of this application is quite simple and does not more than a few minutes.

The website of Cocospy’s application provides easy tips to verify the device. Hence, you won’t have any problem in preparing any device for remote phone monitoring.


Parents who want to spy on their kid’s cell phones can use the TeenSafe application remotely. It offers an easy to use solution to monitor your teen’s online activities without asking them for their phone. Additionally, it has a location tracker that updates their location on your device after every few minutes,

Hence, it an excellent platform for parents to spy on their kid’s activities securely. Their work is transparent, and they do not handle your data manually.


Out of all the phone monitoring applications, the FoneMonitor application is the best choice for the parents. The first reason is its accessibility, as anyone can access their account without installing an application. Additionally, it is easier to install and set up this application on any device.

You would love to know that the location tracker of this application is pretty advanced. It does not show you their real-time location but also lists out every place that they have visited in the past.


SpyStealth made it to our list due to its advanced features. The keylogger of this application allows you to check and record everything that is typed on the device. It means that you can check the deleted messages, passwords, and all other texts from the targeted device.

However, the application is too expensive and does not justify its price much. Usually, other applications like Minspy and Spyine offer better services at an affordable price.

Final Words

Spying on a cell phone used to sound like a lot of work. However, it is no more a challenge, and anyone can do it with these applications. All these platforms take 2-3 minutes to verify the device, and you can start tracking them remotely.

We have mentioned the top feature of all these applications with their title. Hence, you can match it with your requirements and choose the best application for your phone monitoring.

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