Top 3 Luvmehair wigs perfect for parties and gatherings with unique styling features

wigs perfect for parties


Some wigs are for routine usage, while others are for occasional usage only. The ones made for occasional usage come with distinct and premium styling features that set these wigs apart from all others.

Top 3 wigs perfect for parties and gatherings with unique styling features

The following are the top 3 wigs with premium features to be worn at all events and occasions.

Lace Frontal Wig

The level of detailing you can do to your hairstyle with a lace frontal wig is unachievable with most other wigs, and it is because of the unique lace structure and size in these wigs. The way this lace puts detail to your hairstyle, you can enjoy natural looks and feel with every hairstyle.

Why lace front wig is a must-have for you?

So, below are the reasons.

  • Higher attention to detail with all premium aspects

The lace frontal wig combines premium lace, original human hair, and a hand knotting technique to attach hair to the lace. Thus, these wigs portray a very natural look, as if the hair is coming out right from your skin

  • Amazing flexibility in terms of hairstyle

You will hardly ever face any restrictions when styling your hair. You can set your partition at your natural location, in the middle, or on some side. With variations in your partition, you can try as many different hairstyles with one wig as you want.

  • Varying features let you select the right one.

One of the best things about the lace frontal wig is that these come with all the varying features like:

  • Cut
  • Texture
  • Volume
  • Density
  • Structure
  • Length, etc.

Thus, you always have the choice to select the right one.

Highlight Wigs

The highlight wigs are made with two tones in hairs where the color transitions from a dark shade to a light shade. Usually, the hair color near the root is darker and gets lighter as we move near the tips of the hair. However, it may vary depending on different wigs.

Why are highlight wigs a must-have for you?

So, here we go.

  • Available in a wide range of varying features

These wigs are also available in a wide range of features. You can find everything in one wig, from different hair lengths to cuts and hair structures, and with a little research, you may find a wig that perfectly fits all the requirements.

  • Ultra-fine lace keeps the wig natural looking and undetectable

Highlight wigs are made with ultra-fine lace that stays undetectable as it blends with the skin. This undetectable look and a detailed hairline make a natural appearance as well.

  • Flawless melt with your scalp with glueless installation

Highlight wigs need no glue application to install them on your head. Meanwhile, the wig perfectly melts as the lace is undetectable, so the hairline and partition section flawlessly melt with your skin tone for natural looks and a detailed hairstyle.

4C Edges Wigs

4C edges wigs are unique as the original hairstyle of Afros inspires them. The hairs here have extremely tight curls that give this wig a unique look. If you want to try tight curls on your head, getting the 4C edge wigs will be a much better option than getting curls in your real hair.

Why 4C edge wigs are must-have for you?

So, here are some key reasons.

  • Transparent lace keeps the wig undetectable 

4C edges wigs are made with ultra-fine lace that is transparent when you wear the wig. So, making this wig undetectable is an effortless experience. The lace blends in with your skin, and you only have to find the right one according to your skin tone carefully.

  • Glueless installation with comfort all day long

With higher density and hair volume around your head, you will never find any comfort-related issues with these wigs. It is because of the thin lace that keeps the scalp airy. Additionally, the glueless application of these wigs ensures that your scalp is always free from glue which adds to the comfort level.

  • Enjoy the freedom of styling your hair your way

4C edges wigs bring freedom when it comes to styling your hair. These wigs look exceptional when left open, but you can try hair bands and other hairstyles to try different looks.


Whenever there is a special event, and you need to look chic, you must style your hair correctly. There is no better way than trying one of the wigs we discussed here, as all the options offer a premium experience for occasional usage.

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