Top 4 Benefits of Investing in Your Own Vanity Numbers

vanity numbers

Whenever you are running a business, you need to pay close attention to what your customer wants. Since the modern consumer’s needs and preferences are constantly changing and evolving overtime, you can only make money if you are providing superior customer service. Fortunately, there are many different types of customer support platforms available online. One of the most prominent and beneficial is using the best type of phone services. These phone services are usually referred to as vanity numbers. Vanity numbers are great for a number of reasons, and can be very beneficial to both new and existing business operations.

With these things in mind, here are 4 benefits of using vanity numbers to support your customer support operations.

1.Easy for Consumers to Remember

One of the top benefits of using vanity numbers is the ease in which people can remember them. Unlike the traditional business phone numbers that’s usually issued to in a random and non-strategic fashion, Vanity numbers are made up of numbers that spell out specific brand names and etc. For instance, if the name of your business is hub spot, the vanity number that you may want to request is 1-800-hub-spot. Therefore, this number can easily be remembered since it directly coincides with the name of your business.

2.Helps with Building Your Brand

When you are trying to start a new business or garner a lot more attention for an existing business, vanity numbers can be extremely beneficial in getting your name out there. For instance, some businesses create their own jingles with a tune that goes with their vanity number. Therefore, when people hear this tune, they can also remember the vanity number that they can call for certain types of services, too. And, the brand can also help to tell the consumer who you are and what you can do for them. For instance, if you are operating a new law firm, a huge part of your marketing strategy is to use a vanity number that spells this out in specific. One good example of this type of vanity number is 1-255-LAWYER. So choosing right special number can be very important for your business branding.

Or, if you are operating a small dress shop, the vanity number that you communicate to your customers may be 1- 222–DRESSES. Simply put, you can create a series of numbers and letters that tells everyone who sees the vanity number exactly what your business does. A vanity number can be posted on a vehicle that is owned by a business for everyone in the neighborhood to see. Therefore, if you want to advertise your plumbing services to a local community, you may drive around with your contact number as 1-800-PlumberXE.

3.Helps with Creating Effective Marketing Campaigns

Another benefit of investing in your own vanity numbers is related to the marketing campaigns that a company can create. Actually, it really does not matter what type of marketing strategy that is being designed, the vanity numbers can be used in a radio ad, an electronic build board, social media networks and in a host of different marketing schemes. All the business owners have to do is request the series of vanity numbers that they need, and then add these numbers everywhere that a consumer can hear, see or recognize the name of the business and their contact.

4.Helps to Speed up Your Return on Investment and Higher Competitive Edge Over Your Competition

Vanity number marketing campaigns are also great for helping to increase your company’s return on investment. Here are some key statistics that help to explain how valuable vanity numbers are to any business that makes this type of investment. According to information posted on, businesses with vanity numbers usually outperform businesses with generic numbers by as much as 33%. You should also know that most consumers are more likely to contact a company using their vanity numbers by as much as 3 to 4 times more.