Top 4 Reasons Why You Need Data Backup

The topic of backup creation is relevant not only for beginners but also for experienced users in computer technologies. Data backup means creating a copy of files and folders on an additional storage medium using a specific service or tool. A backup is made to restore data if the information is damaged or destroyed in the primary storage location. Creating a backup is especially important if you have your own website served by a hosting provider – in this case, pay attention to the Nakivo VM backup solution. Backup acts as a kind of lifeline in case of loss of vital data.

What Causes Important Data to Be Lost?

The main reasons for crucial data loss include the following:

  • Server/Computer shutdown. Never entrust all of your data to a single device that stores information. Force majeure could happen to everyone, leading to the loss of vital files, which is incredibly sad if they were in a single copy.
  • Software malfunction. These problems may cause critical information to be erased or corrupted, which cannot be restored if there is no backup copy.
  • Hackers’ attack. Hackers can intentionally damage your data or steal it to use to their advantage. It is mostly done using malware that infects files, and fraudsters demand a ransom to restore them. Antivirus software is often powerless in such cases.
  • User’s error. Due to inexperience or haste, you may accidentally damage essential documents/files. In such circumstances, you will definitely need a backup that will restore the lost data.

A timely backup of data may well save an entire corporation. It is not just big talk, and here are five reasons why any PC user or even an enterprise needs to create data backups.

Easy data recovery

People tend to make mistakes. Simple inattention can cause more losses than the most dangerous viruses. In a hurry, people open emails with malicious codes, accidentally delete crucial files while communicating with colleagues in the office. If you regularly make backup copies of your data, you have nothing to worry about, as you will always be able to restore them. When you can quickly solve small problems, then the more serious ones will not harm you.

No problems with tax audits

The law stipulates that any company must store transaction data for a certain period, which is necessary to calculate taxes and perform inspections. Many people believe that storing such information on the enterprise’s computers is entirely acceptable and cannot cause any issues. However, history says that this is not always the case, and one copy is usually not enough. Having an additional backup can help you out if something goes wrong. The tax authority or any other service does not care what kind of fate befell the data they requested. The absence of vital information is an excellent reason to fine you or apply a more severe penalty.

Competitive advantage

Is it possible to stay ahead of the competition just by having a backup? In 2012, the US company Mr. Rooter Plumbing proved the veracity of this assertion. After Hurricane Sandy hit the East coast of the United States, many businesses suffered millions in losses, and some were never able to recover after that. However, those who were able to return to regular activity before others quickly took over the competitive market. Among them was Mr. Rooter Plumbing, whose data was copied in advance and stored in cloud storage. As a result, the enterprise remained virtually without competitors, which its management took full advantage of.

No need to do the same job twice

It is not uncommon for the entire staff to suffer due to an emergency, such as failures in a local power company’s work and a power outage. If you don’t have backups, you can only restore some data at best, which is clearly not enough to continue the whole company’s proper operation. It may be enough to rewrite several documents, but you will more likely need to restore the entire system. In order not to lose everything, it is recommended to create backup copies as often as possible.

Data backup is vital for any computer, tablet, or smartphone user. If you are looking for detailed information on the topic of backups, the professionals from Nakivo are always ready to rescue you and your files.

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