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Top 5 Best Video Downloaders in 2020


With the advancement in information technology and social media, online videos have been a great way of sharing and enjoying entertaining as well as informative contents among people. However, sharing these videos cross-platform is a tricky task, as most of the renowned platforms do not support saving or downloading their contents offline. So video downloaders have become popular alternatives nowadays, as they help us easily download online videos from any platform. We have counted down our 5 top picks for video downloading softwares, so you can enjoy the comfort of watching videos offline and effortlessly!

  1. SnapDownloader


Platform: Windows, Mac (Support for linux coming soon)

SnapDownloader is with no doubt on the top of our list , and it is surely a deserving one. It is a newly found software and yet to gain popularity, but after we personally tested its service and it is arguably the best video downloader that’s out there. SnapDownloader allows us to download 8k resolution videos as well as 360° videos from over 900 websites, with fluent speed. It also allows proxy setup so that you can download even geo-restricted videos without hindrance. They also have very good customer support available 24/7, so you can report any problems and get response immediately.

Price: You can test the service free for 24 hours. Currently, the lifetime license for the software costs only $19.99!

  1. 4K Video Downloader

    4K Video Downloader
    4K Video Downloader

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux(Ubuntu)

4K Video Downloader is another great software which is the best in terms of ease of use. Its simple and attractive UI can be understood by anyone, along with wonderful features like proxy setup, fast download speeds, 360° video support, 3D video support and smart mode. The downside of this application is that it’s not as versatile as SnapDownloader, with support for only a handful of the popular video sharing sites.

Price: You can use the service for free with limited features. A range of premium, one-time purchase subscriptions are available, starting from $15. See them here:

  1. YTD Video Downloader

Platform: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

YTD Video Downloader is considered one of the oldest in the business, and it is still decent enough to be listed as one of the top ones. It allows videos upto 1080p, sadly it too does not support as many sites. What really stands out in this service is the download speed, which is actually slightly better than SnapDownloader. Customer service is also very good with fast responses.

Price: You can use the service for free with limited features or upgrade to pro subscription at $9.99 per month.

  1. aTube Catcher

Platform: Windows

aTube Catcher is also one of the oldies, and a very good way to download videos from your favorite websites. You can download videos from thousands of websites with ease, and the best thing about this software is that its completely free! However, it does come with some sacrifices like fairly good video quality and support for only windows platform, but if you’re opting to save your bucks this is definitely the one to choose.

Price: Free

  1. JDownloader

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Java (Open Source)

JDownloader is another free, open-source download management tool that makes downloading videos as easy and fast as it should be. Despite being on the bottom of the list, it is one of the best among the ones mentioned here, cause it’s an extremely versatile software that can basically download anything with multiple video quality options and at greater download speeds, and a community of developers are constantly improving and monitoring the application’s productivity.

Price: Free

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