Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid with Your Shopify eCommerce Store

Most eCommerce Shopify websites fail because of some common mistakes that you overlook. If it’s your first-time venture into an online eCommerce store, and not knowing the things that are the critical factors in Shopify store’s success, it can cost you failure and a lot of disappointments. Understanding these simple mistakes and taking care of them before you go live can leverage the platform’s functionality and result in a successful online store.

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Here are those common mistakes that you can avoid and won’t cost a hole in your pocket at a later stage:

  1. Not Setting Up a Primary Domain

Having a domain name that identifies with the product you are selling on your Shopify store helps the customer get acquainted with the business. Not setting up a domain name for your online store will affect its credibility and make customers think twice before making any purchase. They will see .myshopify.com URL instead of a custom domain name for the eCommerce store. 

Most developers forget to register the domain name and focus on the development part first. But if you plan to own a Shopify store, you know that the first thing you need to do is buy a proper domain name that leaves an authentic impression on your customers. 

  1. No Logo & Using Poor Quality Pictures on Your Online Store 

Images are the first thing that catches a user’s attention, whereas a logo enables quick recognition of your business to your customers. Both are important for a successful online store. Having no logo and using low quality, low-resolution blurry images on the web pages is the quickest way to lose your potential customer. 

High-quality photos for banner, logo, thumbnail for products all play a crucial role in getting users’ attention and trust. Providing low-quality pictures for your products can instantly lose customer’s interest in moving forward with the shopping. Good business owners stand out by doing smart things. 

Hire a professional photographer who clicks high-resolution pictures from different angles and lighting to show the actual product instead of clicking pictures through your phone.

  1. Forgetting to Include Sizing Charts

For some products like clothing and footwear, sizing charts are mandatory. A customer will want to see if the product is available in his/her size. Not including a size chart is one of the most significant drawbacks in the Shopify store and can immediately lose you customers. Every brand has its sizing charts, which may differ from another brand. Having no measuring chart may upset the shopper and will result in a negative impact on the overall business. Therefore, it’s essential to have different sizing charts of other countries like the UK, US, and EU to globally capture the market. 

  1. Using Pop-ups That Appear Right Away On Visiting a Site

Pop-ups for subscription and newsletter are the most annoying thing a customer encounters on visiting the store. Though it is one of the necessary items to add to collect users’ data and send emails related to promotions and discounts, it can upset your user right away. One creative way to add a pop-up for the newsletter is to give the user some time to browse the products and display it at least after a minute. 

This way, the user will have trust in you and willingly sign up for the pop-up. Make sure the pop-up comes only once, don’t display after every 30 seconds remove shopify image background. This can annoy a customer to such an extent that he will leave the site without spending much time on it.

  1. Forgetting to Test the Responsiveness of the Site

You have invested your time and money to build the store making sure it has all the necessary elements to entice a customer and looks excellent on your desktop, but have you tested it on a different device? Have you checked each functionality of the store on other devices and other browsers? Forgetting to try it on multiple devices can be the biggest mistake you can make before its launch. 

Test it not just on different devices but on multiple browsers too. Check its responsiveness for mobile devices and smartphones. Resize home page banner, menus, tables, and images if needed for better look n feel on different sized devices. A right Shopify development agency uses Shopify templates where you do not need to put effort into making it responsive.


Indeed, these are not the only ones but the top mistakes that can harm your store’s online performance and affect the organic visitor traffic. Learning about what to avoid before launching the store can prove to be a game-changer for your business. You can seek a professional Shopify development agency if you doubt what things to consider for a successful business launch.


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