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Top 5 Technologies that will Become Standard by 2050


Technology is something that is advancing faster than we can speak. New technologies are invented and revealed every single day. Today, we are going to cover 5 of them that will become standard by 2050. All of them are being developed as we speak and there are already significant advancements.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI or artificial intelligence is the most interesting and the most appealing technology at the moment. There are already some advancements in this field although they are still minor. One of the possible companies that will develop AI-first is Google. Keep in mind that AI is machine learning. With it, a machine will be able to plan, learn languages, deduce, and also determine the possible outcome.

Yes, AI will affect the future of jobs. It will eliminate roughly 1.8 million jobs across the world, but it will create over 2.3 million new jobs. AI is also known as the future of gambling technology. Users will be able to enjoy online gambling while AI offers better games, promotions, and works as customer support to exceed the expectations of gamblers.

6G Network

The current trend with mobile networks is 5G. It offers speeds of 20 Gbps. Considering that most homes today have 20-100 Mbps internet connection, you can see a major improvement. 5G is so fast that users can load any content and download large files within seconds.

6G will be the 6th generation of wireless connection. It will become standard by 2030, probably first in Japan and China. The speed should be around 100Gbps, which makes it 5 times faster than 5G lucky people can use today. Nokia, Samsung, and a few other brands are working on the 6G network as we speak.

Space tourism

By 2050 you could spend a week in orbit. Even today companies such as Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos company) and SpaceX (Elon Masks company) are working on making this a reality. As some of you already know, there are many related technologies that should be perfected first, but this is all a relatively simple task.

In the near future, a person could schedule a vacation in space. At first, people will be able to spend time in a spacecraft, orbiting the planet Earth. Over time, they could spend time on Moon and even Mars. This won’t be cheap though. An average trip to space will cost you $100 million!

Nanobots will transform the health sector

Nanobots are robots that are at 10−9 meters in size or smaller. They can be programmed to do various things. Some claim that nanobots will be used to transport our minds to the Cloud, to protect your memories, and allow us to connect to the internet. But, they are primarily developed for the health sector.

What this means is that a doctor will be able to inject nanobots in the human blood. They will be either pre-programmed or remotely controlled to do a specific thing. For instance, they could capture and kill cancer cells. Others can remove tumors while the third can even kill the virus cells. There are no limits to this technology. The only problem is making a robot that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

This isn’t a technology that will become available any time soon. The only fruit of labor at the moment is a sensor that can count molecules when presented with a chemical sample. However, eventually, they will become more powerful and capable.

The world will be powered 100% by renewable energy

When you hear renewable energy, you think of solar power, from the Sun. This is partially true. Yes, that energy is useful, appealing, and can be used as an addition. But, it isn’t available 24/7/365 and it cannot be harvested in that amount that humankind stops using fossil fuels. The alternative is ocean thermal energy.

Even today there are companies that explore this technology. Their goal is to convert thermal energy from the ocean into real energy. This type of energy will be available all the time and it will be so massive that humankind can completely replace fossil fuels. In other words, the entire world will be powered by this type of renewable energy. There are no drawbacks to this tech. Of course, solar and wind energy sources will be used as an addition when needed.


As you can see these 5 technologies will completely change the world. We or our children will live in a safer, healthier and enjoy far more possibilities. You may think that year 2050 is far away, but we only need half of our life to reach that time frame. It will be quicker than you may believe.


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