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Top 5 Useful Open Source Software

Top 5 Useful Open Source Software

Hey fellas! In this article we are discussing about some of the best open source applications that are simply awesome. As discussed in our previous article : Microsoft Office Features For Free, open source software are those whose source code are available to public. So, today we will discuss about some of the application softwares that will prove to be real useful. So, lets get started with Top 5 Useful Open Source Software.

Top 5 Useful Open Source Software

  1. VLC : VLC is one of the most used media player in computers as well as mobile phones. It is one of the robust applications and also mostly used ones in this list.
  2. Mozila Firefox : We all have used filrefox in our PCs but many people may not know it is open source. You can use it on Windows, Linux as well as Android. You can download firefox through it’s official website. In Linux you can just use this command: sudo apt-get install firefox
  3. Libre Office : This software is an alternative to Microsoft Office if you want an office software for free. We have an separate article for Libre office.
  4. 7zip : We all have used zip files in our computer. And we can use 7zip to handle zip files simply because it’s free. You can download it from here.
  5. Gimp : Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is basically an image editor available on cross platforms. If you are not willing to pay for Photoshop the thing you are looking for is Gimp. To download Gimp just click here.

These are the open source software I think you are going to use frequently. Also I will mention another software


Kodi is my favorite video player at the date. It is a home theater software you can use to watch videos. I watch anime a lot of time and with Kodi I can know in which episode I left without much difficulty. Also, the movie experience in Kodi is great. You can download Kodi from its official website. If you are a Linux user    sudo apt-get install kodi    will do the trick.

If you know more of them let everyone know in the comment section. Also, leave a like on our facebook page.

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