Top Cardiology EHR Software 2022 – Athena EMR, eClinicalWorks, and More! 

Your cardiology practice, like any other healthcare practice, requires an EHR system. While a healthcare practice can get by without an EHR system, you’d be shocked how much more productive things can get when one is used. This program can assist you with everything from scheduling appointments to streamlining many billing procedures.  

In this article, we will discuss the best EHR systems including Athena EMR that can assist you in establishing a successful cardiology practice. You can essentially optimize your workday to its fullest limit if you use this program in your healthcare practice. Before we move on to talking about the top EHR software for cardiology, let’s look at the features it needs! 

Features to look for in Cardiology EHR Software

Device Integration  

Cardiology practices depend significantly on healthcare equipment to track and assess client status. This is why your EMR software should integrate with the equipment to rapidly generate reports, saving money and energy.  

Workflow Management  

If you operate in a cardiology EHR practice, you will be dealing with significant amounts of information to gather and store. All cardiology-related procedures should be controlled, documented, and maintained via the EMR system. This aids clinicians in gaining a better knowledge of the client’s condition and in making the appropriate decisions at the appropriate times.  

Cardiology Dashboard  

The best Cardiology EHR software should include a real-time dashboard that allows doctors to see client charts, descriptions, billing procedures, scheduling, and other information all in one spot. The dashboard also helps you save time by eliminating the need to launch many tabs.  

Cardiology-specific Coding  

The electronic health records for cardiology give coding to validate ICD-10 and CPT codes related to the diagnostic. This enables direct communication with the billing system, resulting in faster and more accurate transactions.  

PQRI Reporting  

Cardiology procedures produce a significant percentage of PQRI. As a result, most electronic health records systems include reporting capabilities for these and other pay-for-performance metrics that are critical to any institution’s financial structure. 

Top EHR Software for Cardiology 

Athena EMR Software 

Athena EMR software is the first program on our list of top EHR systems, and it is one of the most widely used EHR systems in the industry. The program includes a number of excellent features that make it an excellent choice. The appointment tool, which lets you maximize your daily calendar and make as many sessions as feasible each day, is the first feature we’d like to emphasize in this software.   

The second feature we’d like to highlight in Athena EHR is the lab interface function. It allows you to connect lab findings into your software so that you may order laboratory testing for your clients while also receiving the results as soon as they become available. As per Athena EMR reviews, the users seem to be very satisfied with the software. According to the reviews, Athena EMR cost is very well worth the features it offers.  


NueMD is a well-liked EHR program with a slew of useful features to back up its reputation. The software actually helps you keep all of your patient’s electronic documents safe and organized in one place so you don’t lose track of them. All of your data is streamlined and kept in one place by the software. Overall, this is excellent software that assists you in keeping your medical business well organized. The program also assists you in keeping control of your billing to ensure that there are no errors. Moreover, it ensures that a customer is not overcharged many times. It assists you in staying on top of your finances as well. 

eClinicalWorks EMR 

One of the most widely used healthcare EHR systems is eClinicalWorks. The software includes a client portal that the software is very popular for. It enables clients to log in and organize their own consultations, interact openly with the clinician via a secure platform, and much more. Aside from that, eClinicalWorks features a sophisticated billing function with charge capture features. These billing tools make it a competitor for a spot on the top EHR systems list for cardiology. This program captures patient information when they initially visit your practice, ensuring that you do not charge them many times by accident. 


DrChrono, a very famous software, is the next software on our list of best EHR systems. And it’s hardly unexpected, given the software’s extensive capabilities. The first aspect we’d like to highlight is the communication system. It allows customers to send direct messages to their doctors and engage with them. Another great feature of DrChrono is the ROI analysis tool. It can help you figure out how much return you’re getting on your software investment and, in general, can help you figure out where you need to improve. Altogether, DrChrono is an excellent choice for a Cardiology practice.  


PrognoCIS EHR is the final program in our list of the best EHR systems, and it has a lot of great features. The first feature we’d like to highlight in PrognoCIS is the telemedicine EHR. It allows you to view patients online via video conference. This allows you to see patients at their homes and extend your practice by reaching out to patients you might not have been able to contact otherwise. We’d like to tell you about a feature in PrognoCIS called the medical templates feature. It enables you to select from a variety of a number of unique templates that you can customize to fit your requirements. 

Final Words! 

If you’re asking which of these five systems we recommend, we’re afraid we won’t be able to do. Unless we know more about your medical practice. However, we can provide guidance on how to select the best EHR for your needs. The first step is to make a list of all the characteristics you’d like in an EHR software. And then, compare those qualities to the ones offered by the EHR software you’re considering. In addition,  one more thing you should do is request a demo of whatever top EHR system from our list above you believe is the best fit for your needs. The demo will help you understand the software better. It will also help you understand what you should expect from your potential software.  

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