Top Colleges That Come with Top SAT Scores

Top SAT Score college

College life is a dream that school students cultivate for a very long time. They imagine a kind of space that will facilitate their growth and teach them the rules of the world. It is an important stage of one’s life as it shapes them for the outside world. Students find their voices and hone their skills for pragmatic implementations. Thus, college is very important.

School usually keeps us in a bubble and protects us from the harsh realities of the world. College is a transition phase that gives us glimpses of the real world. It is a kind of hands-on training.

Every student has a dream college that they want to get into. Many things might attract you to a college. Be it the campus life, the courses offered, the faculty, etc. Whatever the reason is, you need a good score to get into a good college. As a VCE student, this means becoming aware of the ATAR entry requirements, VCE scaling and subject prerequisites. Your pathway into tertiary education will depend greatly on these factors.

The competition is exceptionally high for college admissions, especially in Ivy League colleges. SAT or Scholastic Assessment Test is one of the most important elements of your application process. Although to get admission, you need a well-rounded profile rather than just high grades, it still matters.

Having a high score allows you to focus on other aspects of your admission. If you get more than 1080 on the SAT, you are above average. But to get into the best schools, just being that won’t help.

A low score would eliminate your chances of getting selected by good colleges. So do you have a college in mind that you want to get into after school? Even if you don’t, that is okay, don’t worry! Either way, read on to find out the top colleges you can get admission into with top SAT scores.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

MIT is an internationally famous institution. It nurtures young minds in the field of science, engineering, architecture, and social sciences. Their motto is to induce rigorous thinking into individuals. They accept SAT scores as high as 1545.

Harvard University

There are very few people in this world who don’t know about Harvard University. Every year, people from all over the world try and get admission into this school. This also makes it one of the most difficult schools to get into.

Despite having the best scores, you might not get into the school because Harvard puts equal emphasis on the kind of person you are. Your values, your work towards society, and overall participation matter more. Despite that, they expect scores as high as 1520.


What makes the Ivy league colleges so unique are their alumni and the faculty. Yale has a highly prestigious faculty and alumni with Nobel prize winners as professors. It is an honor to learn from the best in the respective fields.

Yale also offers a variety of courses and gives a vast exposure that prepares you for the outside world. The campus life is wholesome at Yale. The best research in social sciences is also undertaken at Yale. But it expects an SAT score of about 1515.

John Hopkins University

This is probably the best for students who are aiming to go into the medical field. But JHU has become more famous internationally since the pandemic. John Hopkins University is a research institute that encourages a vertical as well as a horizontal approach to education. It encourages students to practice deep analytical thinking.

But, a proper balance of cultivating cultural practices is also maintained. JHU has also been investing in coronavirus-related research. It has delivered some of the best information about the virus to the world. They expect a composite score of 1515, just like Yale.

Columbia University

Another Ivy studded star, Columbia University, is known for producing one of the best practicing thinkers and leaders of our time. Barack Obama completed his bachelor’s from Columbia University. So, you can begin to estimate the value of a degree from this college.

Columbia University’s Law School, Business School, Medical School, and School of Journalism are a few of the most popular. They are internationally renowned. Columbia accepts a score as high as 1510.

Thus, now that you know how tough the competition is, you must start preparing your application. But first thing first, you need to get an SAT score to even be considered in this competition.