Top eCommerce Web Development Trends That You Should Follow In 2022

eCommerce Web Development

Are you looking forward to hopping onto the hottest eCommerce web development trends? Then you have come to the right place! Web development trends keep evolving every year with Google’s algorithm change – while some trends keep coming back, some new ones sneak into the list too. And these trends are crucial for boosting business – they keep you engaged with your target audience and help you rank on Google’s search page!

So if you too want to boost your revenue, here are the best web development trends that you can incorporate into your online shop with the help of a reliable web development agency and their magento development services. So let’s get started!

Web Development Trends To Follow In 2022

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has already gained momentum in 2021 and is still one of the top web development trends in 2022. AI allows your website to analyze patterns from customer behavior to distribution channels. These will enable you to understand your shortcomings, work on them, and thus increase customer experience and boost business through digital marketing. Also, according to studies, almost 80% of all customer interaction on websites will soon be handled by AI. So you should incorporate it in your online store to stay ahead of the game!

  • Social Commerce

The effect of social media like Facebook and Instagram is unfathomable – in 2021 alone, almost 52.4% of shoppers purchased a product through these social media platforms. So make sure you are active on social media – create an account for your website and showcase your products there. Engage with your followers to gain their trust and watch your sales skyrocket overnight!

  • Voice Commerce

With the development of voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, customers’ dependency on voice searches can no longer be ignored. Voice commerce sales reached almost $1.8 billion in 2021 and are set to reach even higher in 2022, and you don’t want to miss out on any of that. So make sure your website is well-equipped for voice searches.

  • Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps have emerged as one of the most sought-after trends in 2022. Web development agencies are using all their custom eCommerce development services to understand better and implement this concept.

PWA is instrumental in bettering customer experience, better website development, better algorithms, saving cost by bypassing the need to create expensive mobile apps, and reducing maintenance costs by 33%! Imagine the service you will give your customers at such low prices and how beneficial that will be for your business!

  • AR and VR

You must be familiar with the concept of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – AR and VR technologies that have revolutionized several industries, including the eCommerce industry. Customers have always expressed their unhappiness regarding their inability to look at their desired products closely before purchase. Thankfully, the AR/VR industry has been working hard to incorporate these advantages in online shopping for the last couple of years.

For example, the beauty industry is already implementing some of these concepts by providing their customers a near-perfect online shopping experience by letting them try on products virtually! Take a lipstick, for example – match it with your skin tone on their app, and you can see how it will look on you!

  • Omnichannel Selling

2022 is all about omnichannel selling – engaging in multiple channels to showcase and sell your products can give your business a considerable boost. Consider putting up your products on websites like Facebook, Instagram, eBay, and Amazon – this will help more customers know your brand and visit your website to buy your products.

  • Mobile Shopping

The share of mCommerce in eCommerce is much higher than you think. In fact, according to studies, it will have the lion’s share of 72.9% in 2021, and you do not want to miss out on any of that traffic!

So to ensure your customers can shop comfortably from mobile phones, work on your website to make it mobile-friendly. This will provide hefty revenue and will keep you one step ahead of your competition.

  • Chatbot

Last but not least, keep a chatbot on your webpage. These promote conversations between the application and customers and can be used to deal with most of the frequently asked questions. Research shows that a chatbot can increase brand communication by almost 92%, which is a testament to how advantageous a chatbot assistant can be for your business.


The eCommerce world is dynamic – blink an eye, and a new trend will crop up! So to keep your eyes open for any upcoming development trends and use them with the help of a Web Development Agency and their custom eCommerce development services! So what are you waiting for? Contact a reliable agency today and start working on your website development! All the best!

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