Top Features Your On-Demand Android App Should Have

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On-demand applications like Uber, Food panda, and Zomato have made our lives easier than ever. You can order a pizza, and make payment through these applications from anywhere anytime.

These applications offer a delighted consumer experience along with helping businesses increase their profits. On-demand applications have emerged as one of the highly lucrative business models online.

If you are a mobile app developer, you might be contacted by clients who wish to leverage on-demand applications so that they can fulfill their business’s goals.

On-demand apps defined

An on-demand application provides the customer with their desired products/services when they want them. Today, these products/services are just a few clicks away from us.

On-demand applications connect the product or service provider to the consumers. They fill the gap between the two parties, thus making the shopping experience as easy as a breeze.

Here are some necessary features that you should consider adding to your on-demand android application.

Premium filter and search options

Whether your on-demand app is a delivery app or a service app, users should be able to navigate it easily. Don’t make the categories and subcategories complicated.

Customers want to find their desired product in an instant. They must have a good user experience on your app.

So, what should you do?

Well, your filter and search bars should be very clear and explicit. Otherwise, the user may not convert due to the complicated interface or inefficient filtering or search options.

Add push notifications functionality

Do you know that mobile users tend to open push notifications more than emails? Yes, push notifications are seen more than 90% of the time. It’s a huge number. What does it tell us?

Push notifications can help you push your sales. Because, users are more likely to open the messages notifying them about product releases, special offers, and sales. It helps you to interact with them.

Moreover, studies have found out people recall the message in the notifications about 93% of the time if notifications are divided into segments properly.

Security is elemental

Make sure that your on-demand application has the robust and latest authentication method. Securing customers’ trust in this regard is very important. As customers place their orders or book a service and then pay for it via the app, a reliable payment method is also crucial.

Most mobile apps and online payment platforms use a specific authentication symbol. This increases users’ trust in you. Also, choose the payment methods you allow wisely. Because if once a consumer experiences something unpleasant while using a payment gateway on your app, they may not use your platform again.

Make your app so much secure that users provide their financial and personal details with complete confidence. Also, add many payment methods so that every user can find an option suitable to them.

Additionally, try to incorporate digital wallets, credit and debit cards, internet banking, and others as payment options. These increase the likelihood of a user remembering your platform due to the good user experience.

Insights and analytics

An on-demand app is all about consumers’ experience. As searching, placing orders, and paying, all steps occur here, it’s important to gather real-time data. This feature is a must-have to make your app successful.

When you analyze data regularly, you get to know the loopholes you were totally unaware of. Your instant analysis feature should allow you to understand your competition, customers, products, and functions.

Businesses can consult companies that deal with android app development in Dubai to get an app developed with a great analytics feature.

Order tracking and live tracking

People use on-demand apps like Uber due to the transparency they provide and their effective order tracking system. Users trust the on-demand application because of the features like the device’s geolocation tracking.

Aim to develop an application that notifies people at every step of the delivery process about the status and location of their order in real-time. Include a live GPS tracking functionality in the app. This reassures users and they are more likely to become regular users of your app.

GPS tracking connects a buyer to the dispatcher, delivery boy, and live location. Moreover, they can easily inform the concerned person to change the time or date of the delivery if required. Because they are notified in real-time about where their product/service is in the shipment cycle.

Neat and organized user interface

This goes without saying that users can skip your app for your competitor if it’s not near intuitive to use. Customers want the data organized so that they can get to what they want in no time.

Your application should be user-friendly and informative. Try incorporating as many details as you can about products and other necessary things. Customers should find the answer to the queries popping up in their minds while navigating the app.

People love an app that lets them customize or add new products and delete them. Therefore, enable this feature. And provide pronounced filtering options.


Not every on-demand android application is the same. Some only have basic features. Some of them have fundamental functionalities along with a couple of sophisticated features.

While some are full-fledged applications having all the features present in the on-demand business structure. Therefore, you should choose what kind of app you need to build before you start.