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Top Innovative Mobile Application Developers in Chicago


A mobile app is undoubtedly quite a prized possession for all companies as mobile apps help businesses proselytize and thereby create brand awareness in a much more seamless and hassle free manner. However creating an intuitive, agile and a robust mobile app is not a cakewalk as such, especially if you don’t get on board the right mobile app development company as it is only an expert mobile app developer who could help you create a profitable and a user-friendly asset.

Also it is only an adroit mobile application developer who could help you built a valuable asset for your business that would in turn yield millions of downloads and thereby skyrocket your business.

So if you are desirous of getting your very own business mobile app and are looking out for the best mobile application developers in Chicago then thus succinct blog is for you. Chicago is the abode of the most talented app developers who hold unparalleled expertise in mobile app development. However because there are myriads of mobile app developers in Chicago so it can indeed be a baffling task for you to narrow down your choices and thereby hand-pick one, but fret not as we have made your work easy and mentioned hereinunder are the best mobile app developers in Chicago.

A Detailed List Of Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies In Chicago


Zazz is a renowned mobile app development company in Chicago. Zazz offers the best mobile application development services by developing agile, intuitive and scalable next-gen apps that work seamlessly across all the mobile ecosystems. Zazz boasts of a coterie of extremely talented and adroit designers along with mobile app developers who ensure to leave no stone unturned to build the best in class mobile applications by harnessing the powet of avant garde and cutting-edge technologies thereby ensuring to inject instant growth and success into an enterprise. Zazz stands tall and at the forefront of the mobile application landscape, and the agency has also won quite a lot of prestigious awards. It is therefore one of the best mobile app development company in Chicago.


When we think of mobile app development, then AppStudio is undoubtedly the first name that pops up. It is one of the best mobile app development company and it stands at the numero uno rank as this award-winning mobile app development agency is an instant hit amongst all it a clients of varied sizes ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500 companies. The mobile app developers at AppStudio create the most magnificent and feature rich mobile apps that are the ultimate catalyst to the growth and success of a business. AppStudio is the most sought after destination and the one-stop solution for organisations who want to get an impactful and dynamic mobile app for scaling their clientele and global outreach. This mobile app development company develops the best in class iOS and Android mobile applications.

AppStudio also houses a team of supremely talented designers and mobile app developers who work only on the most latest and agile technologies and frameworks, thereby making the most stellar end-to-end solutions. The mobile app developers at AppStudio also have years of rich experience and prowess in this domain and their award winning company offers non pareil services par excellence in Native iOS mobile app development (Swift), Native Android mobile app Development (both Java and Kotlin), React Native mobile app development, Software Development and also the Unity Game Development. It is important to mention that AppStudio has so far collaborated with several Fortune 1000 companies, startups and mid sized firms that function in varied different industries ranging from healthcare and e-learning apps to dating, gaming, trucking and for all the innumerable on-demand app development services that are availed by businesses across the globe.  AppStudio also provides the finest strategic consulting solutions, UI, UX development services and the best in class quality assurance and maintenance services.


CitrusBits is the biggest mobile app development company in Chicago, Illinois, and the agency operates in several other markets all across the United States Of America. If you wish to hire a mobile app developer from CitrusBits, then rest assured it is one of the most wise decisions that you’ll make as they offer absolutely stunning and praiseworthy business app development services that range from strategy planning to UI/UX design and also module development and deployment.

The organization has worked with both startups and Fortune 500 companies and it holds great work experience in building apps for healthcare, finance, trucking, and also augmented reality apps, inventory management apps, education apps, restaurant apps, lifestyle apps and apps for several other industries.

Fusion Informatics

Fusion Informatics is unquestionably the best Android and iOS mobile app development company in Chicago, Illinois. The agency offers a wide range of the most magnificent end-to-end mobile app development services for all its renowned clients. The mobile app developers at Fusion Informatics work only with cutting edge, emerging technologies with latest tools and frameworks, thereby ensuring  to deliver top-notch mobile applications. The company endeavors to build innovative, intuitive and collaborative mobile and web apps that help add value to a business. The organization is an expert in React Native Mobile App Development, Flutter Mobile App Development, and also in Blockchain Development.


This is one of the most eminent mobile app development companies in Chicago. The agency was primarily established in 2009 and since its very initial inception, this digital product development organization has swiftly moved ahead at a lightning speed and with a very clear and strong vision to develop highly efficient and results-oriented mobile and web app solutions for industries ranging from startups, mid-sized companies, and also the multinational organizations.

Its mobile app development services in Chicago range from attractive UI/UX design to the backend and front-end development of Native Android and iOS mobile applications, hybrid applications, and web applications. Simpalm has so far delivered about 300+ robust mobile applications, and most of them are rated extremely well on Google and the iOS app store.


So that is it from our side. We hope we were able to help you choose the best mobile app development company. However before you decide to hand-pick any of the above organizations, one pro tip that we would like to offer is that please be sure and crystal clear with your distinct work requirements because an agency needs to know what exactly you would want in your business app so that they can work accordingly and thereby diminish all kinds of unsolicited goof ups. Also if you still need any further assistance, then please feel free to contact us for a free one on one consultation. Our expert mobile app developers would be glad to assist you and would be at your disposal.