Top Magento Extensions to Increase Your Business Management Speed

Top Magento Extensions

Magento is one of the handpicked platforms for e-commerce. It is developed by Magento Inc. as open-source software and used as a content management system. The developers of Magento assure to provide the Magento marketplace with extensions suitable, viable and affordable for all the enterprises.

Magento extensions enhance the websites with customizations and further increase the development speed. It makes the whole process user-friendly, so the customers are at ease as well as secured and equally enjoy the functionality throughout, without any obstructions. They also provide useful SEO results along with better performances which they facilitate with the efficient shipment. Back-end management is improvised, and every aspect is tracked down in depth. Be it sales, or stock management or even weekly updates.

Optimum performance with the most minimal amount of efforts applied:

Along with the versatile range of extensions, the marketplaces also enable customers with a community of Magento developers to solve dilemmas related to website development for a faster and more relaxed approach. The most attractive feature of Magento extensions is that they provide a single admin panel that can have full-fledged access to multiple e-commerce stores. They also assure their customers to give the best performance with the most minimal amount of effort. As an instance, it enables shopping cart software written in hypertext pre-processor scripting language, providing online merchants with a flexible and faster online shopping system.

Best extensions to Increase your Development Speed are as follows:

  • Contact Form Builder Flexible Forms

The Magento 2 Contact Form Extension is one of the simple-to-use Magento Extensions with a range of form and field options. It offers power to the admin to enable/disable Captcha, email notification and other functions right from the admin setting page.

The admin even has the flexibility to add multiple email addresses to get email notifications and use the option of ‘Send Copy to Me’ for the same.

On the whole, it is a very useful tool which offers support up to Magento 1.9 responsive theme, so you wouldn’t have to be concerned about the responsive design of your site.

  • Mageworx SEO Suite Ultimate

It addresses a good SEO, as the name suggests the essential services such as hypertext markup language (HTML), simplifies the structure of universal resource locator (URL), and provides Meta tags. It identifies replica content, enhances side – indexing, search engine optimizing techniques and search engine optimizing redirects, canonical URL’s, auto generates markup language – XML Sitemaps. It is a paid extension of value worth $ 299 for community edition and enterprise editions net worth value as $ 599

  • Contact Form for Magento 2

With Contact Form for Magento 2, you can authorize contact forms and custom field creations. It enables installation & configuration of contact forms making it trouble-free to manage and can be executed effortlessly.

  • Wyoming – Simple Google Shopping

Magento feed can be synchronized easily; product categories can be mapped to Google categories, tasks can be scheduled as well as generated ion your data feed, it also ensures to double check your data feed for errors and verifies the statistics of data feed generation that is a number of items, time and resource. It is a paid extension $ 80 for community edition, whereas $120 for an edition of the enterprise.

  • Email Marketing with Bronto

Email marketing can be a challenging task. Although, it is primarily the principal tool for gaining customers, attracting sales and driving traffic towards your website. Email marketing consists of broadcasting the sales and discount coupons, but it is much more than that. You can send a customized email to your targeted audience and newsletter, a list of the fields. Email Marketing with Bronto is free of cost extension; howsoever it charges a subscription fee along with it.

  • Blog – Magento Extension

With Blog – Magento Extension, to add a blog post with the required category, author, tag, postdate, and other such information is quite straightforward. Additionally, you can also handle all widgets placed on the sidebar by page options setting. Not only that, but the comment section can also be gripped dynamically along with the use of social sharing widgets.

  • Social Media Content with Pixlee

Content posted and uploaded by you and your audience through social media networking sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other channels of social can help you build an engaging network. Consequently, it increases your network and conversion rates. It promotes campaigns and launches contests, publishes a visual review, and keeps track of your activities. This is a free extension with a Pixlee subscription fee.

  • Smart One Step Checkout

This extension avoids the hassle after your customer decides to purchase the product and you save your sales, it also saves the time by one step login or guest check out. It is paid, $299 for community edition, whereas $1499 for the Enterprise edition

Many more free and Paid extensions are available in the Magento Marketplace working towards a more efficient and effective extension that give a boost to your speed and fastens your development.

Factors you should consider before choosing any Extension:

Below listed are a number of factors that one needs to bear in mind while selecting the best Magento extension for the efficient development of your website:

  • Budget

It depends on whether you wish to have a paid extension or a free extension. Many times, it is witnessed that most free extensions often have with them a subscription fee attached to it. Calculate your overall budget inclusive of every expense and maintenance. Don’t end up sacrificing the right choice of extension. Sometimes it is cheaper in the long run.

  • Check for the availability of technicians

Whenever making a final call for the most suitable extension for you, always go for the ones who have availability of technicians providing support and solving technical issues at the earliest and are responsive towards any kind if query. Obviously, you do not wish to struggle later.

  • Recent and regular update

Magento is an evolving open – software, continually improvising its features with the best services so shall be the extension you are looking forward to. Who wants to be outdated? So, look for an extension that keeps you updated with its recent and regular update to prevent technical issues or bug fixes and also keep yourself updated with additional features and customize them as per your need.

Key Takeaways:

Better extensions could lead you to an increased sales count, enhancing the experience of your customers, hence attracting more traffic and audience to your site. They also empower business owners with an increase in conversion rates by accelerating purchases along with instant checkouts, thereby increasing revenue flow swiftly.

With the enhanced functionality of above top Magento Extensions, you can advance with superior user experiences and boost the services of your online store by a long way. Although installing and configuring them might be an off-putting job for non-technical professionals, so it’s preeminent to hire Magento developer for bug-free implementation.


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