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When it comes to the impacts of change in climate, regions all over the US are facing the effects of rising temperatures. From more rain & storms to a hot climate in the winters, mother Earth is clearly going through a lot.

The overall winter snow cover is slowly decreasing as well. The pollinating bees arrive almost 10 days early in the northeastern United States as compared to the past few decades. Moreover, the oceanic fish & breeding bird populations have shifted northward over the past couple of years.

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When you compare the dates of the starting of spring right now with that of a few decades ago while reading various argumentative essays about global warming, you will see that spring starts a week or so earlier these days. In many regions of the city, the first leaf date and the first bloom date is almost 8 days and 4 days earlier respectively.

Let’s take a look at some of the top mobile applications that can help us make this world a better place. Before buying eco-friendly products to reduce food waste, these social media apps will help you take control and fight change in the climate.

Ecosia Search Engine

Want to search for something on the internet? Before you take a dive down the internet rabbit hole, download the Ecosia extension for Google Chrome. This company uses the profits it gets from the ads to plant trees.

During the wildfires in Australia this year, Ecosia used all of its profits to plant trees in Australia and was able to plant over 26,000 trees in one day! It works around the world. Moreover, it publishes financial reports every month for accountability and transparency.

You can download the version of this app on your phone as well.


Over the years, plastic pollution has become a huge issue for all of us. If we replace plastic water bottles with reusable ones, we will be doing the planet a huge favor. The Tap app helps you find refill stations as you travel.

The network consists of restaurants, coffee shops, filtered water plants, etc. The app will tell you the location of the water refill station, the fastest route, and details regarding the quality of water available.


Satellite data shows that the ozone layer is becoming smaller and smaller with each passing day.  Even if you don’t trust the skeptical science information, you should do your part to help the planet nevertheless.

When we think about being eco-friendly, we don’t think about clothes. However, it is very important to know where our clothes are coming from.  One good thing that you can do is shop second hand. The ThredUp app is a great resource that will help you do that.

It is an online thrift store app as well as a styling delivery service that offers very low prices on used, high-end items.


Borrowing things instead of buying new ones is also a nice thing you can do for the planet. The Olio app allows you to share things such as cleaning items, food, and other household things that you have. You can connect with people using the application and arrange a pickup time.

All you need to do is share a picture of the thing you want to share with others and you will be good to go!

Too Good To Go

A lot of food goes to waste in restaurants, cafes, supermarkets all around the globe. This app Too Good to Go service connects more than 22 million across Europe and helps save 100,000 meals each day.

If you live in an area where this app is available, you can share food with the needy and get free and discounted meals via the climate change app if you want as well. For years, photographer James Balog has been talking about the relationship between humans, nature, and climate change.

According to the latest news and climate data statistics, carbon emissions are on the rise.

From chasing ice glaciers to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon dioxide levels, we need to keep an eye out for behavioral changes that we can make to save the planet. We are on a counter – if we don’t change our behaviors, the climate will get harsh for future generations.

mobile apps

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Final Word

We all learned this in elementary school – reuse, recycle, reduce. It is time that we put this mantra to use since the earth is facing a climate change emergency that is putting the future generations at risk if we don’t change our ways.

The increased greenhouse emissions in the atmosphere are projected to keep on increasing gradually. According to an ice survey, extreme ice melting is resulting in an increase in the sea level.

This shows how hard the world is, and we have to take care of all these climate change problems caused if we want the future to be better for all the countries. Scientists have been saying over the past decade that being eco-friendly is no longer a choice but a necessity. Thanks to technology, you are not on your own as there are various apps that will help you live a sustainable life.

Reduce your carbon footprint by saving energy resources and helping combat & address climate change issues.


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