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Although every person will have their personal definition of what can be considered “the best”, things are quite competitive when it comes to top educational platforms available online. Depending on your needs, it can be EdX which is excellent for STEM subjects, or Pluralsight, which is aimed at creative personalities and focuses on video content. The trick is to find the one that works for you in terms of accessibility, clarity, and flexibility. Take your time to explore more than one option and keep your mind open! 


Top Online Educational Platforms in 2022

1. Coursera.

It’s one of the best educational platforms that have no major flaws except for the high price and the necessity to have basic knowledge of how certain courses work. It’s not always a problem with the interface, as many course creators adjust things to their vision. Coursera also offers free courses and does not require a learner to stay online. It’s also one of those online learning platforms that offer over two thousand free programs with lots of positive reviews. It offers one of the best ranges of academic subjects where anyone can find something attractive. 

2. Udacity. 

If quality matters to you, choosing Udacity as an educational platform is second to none. They may have a limited selection of subjects and belong to more expensive options, what they offer is truly exceptional. There are also free courses that are not limited and provide quality content. The interface is one of the easiest, and it is partially because most course creators use the same engine. Don’t forget to check career services and all the benefits of this great e-learning community. 

3. Skillshare. 

It has a free trial and represents a unique e-learning platform that’s great for those students who already have some skills or entrepreneurs who want to feel confident and flexible in certain areas. There are great options for groups and creative artists. The great pricing scheme makes this service affordable almost for every case. What makes it unique is the live chat feature and progressive grading approach as one can access exclusive content. 

4. Udemy. 

One of the most affordable options and a great platform that has lifetime access to the majority of the educational content. You can browse through 700+ free courses that will cover subjects like media studies, programming, cooking, and even basic volunteering skills. There are over 180 thousand courses in total, which makes it a great option to consider. You still have to submit written assignments to get things done, especially if you seek a certificate. You can approach Lets Grade It and choose an expert to help you with your writing challenges, or get things checked before an exam starts. Take your time to explore the options and choose the one that feels right! 


Create Your Own Educational Platform 

It’s hard to deny that there are pros and cons to every platform that we encounter in 2022. Sometimes we would like to define another visual look or keep things personalized differently. Luckily, there are numerous free tools to create your platform and assemble something unique. You should focus on what’s already there to ensure that your offering provides another approach or a more accessible, innovative method. Learn from the best in the industry and keep the faith! 

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