Top trends in healthcare web development

Top trends in healthcare web development

Every year, social sciences are increasingly beginning to influence the practices of business. As well as educational, cultural and public organizations. Trends are always about what excites, what is significant and noticeable. Now the trend is social and social, namely: meanings, values, positions and attitudes. It makes sense to look at web design trends from this point of view, to see not so much fashionable as significant. These trends are important in healthcare website development.

Inclusive accessibility

Screenshot of a site poe ninja builds  with a responsive design of a heart n soul organization working mainly with people with disabilities.

You can create a design keeping in mind not only soft shadows and floating elements. But also recommendations on how to make the site more accessible to people with disabilities. It is believed that there are only three options for restrictions: permanent, temporary and situational.

Using visual designers and editors

Visual editors for creating web sites in “drawing” mode or for basic editing of ready-made blocks continue to gain popularity. If 10 years ago the Internet was full of sites based on classic designers “Wordpress” and bore a noticeable stamp of the hand of a coder, now more and more sites, when creating, bypass the stage of layout and programming. Yes, the first does not exclude the second and, strictly speaking, it is not the same thing at all. Yes, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

User-generated content – UGC

If you give the user the opportunity and motivation to participate in the generation of content, then this can solve several problems at once. First, the problem of engagement. Secondly, promotion. With a sufficient number of participants, users themselves will begin to promote your product, since they will begin to see themselves and their contribution in it. Third, it solves the problem of the relevance of the content to your target audience. It will be interesting because your audience creates it or has a significant influence on its formation. And fourth, it would be logical to name the savings, because it might seem like it takes away the job of creating content for you. Sometimes this is true.

Social responsibility

Of course, if you are a social organization, then here you give a significant head start to business with However, this does not mean that it is not necessary to talk about it in a popular and extensive way. Business within the framework of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy tries to represent the processes and results of its activities in this direction as widely as possible. For example, campaigns and digital projects are created, videos and films are shot. It is important for both business and social organizations to proceed from the maxim that no one knows or understands anything about the importance of your activity.

Psychological health of users

Can your Internet activity on social networks and on the website not be toxic, not play on your nerves, not resort to emotional manipulation, but at the same time remain honest and personal? Can your communication carry a positive charge and give a feeling of support and hope, even in difficult situations? For industries that work with sensitive topics, finding such a balance is often a significant challenge.

Distance stability

To what extent will all your services be able to work in the event of a forced office closure? Will your social networks be filled with photos and news will appear on the site? Will you be able to conduct a generally meaningful activity for your beneficiaries? Will the outside world learn about what is happening to you and what you specifically need help with, and then will be able to provide this help, for example, through the website? These and other questions were relevant in the pre-era era. Nut now they are more relevant than ever. Because the cost of errors and downtime in some cases can cost the well-being and health of people. And sometimes life.

To sum up

Competition for attention has led to the fact that people have become more demanding of content. Because, firstly, there is always a choice. And secondly, you will not surprise anyone with the form. It follows that it is worth building first the content and functional side of your site, then move on to the emotional and aesthetically expressive part. Otherwise, trendy web designs will be perceived as little more than an inappropriate wrapper for mediocre content.