Top Trends You Need To Track to Craft Your Enterprise SEO Strategy For 2022

Top Trends You Need To Track to Craft Your Enterprise SEO Strategy For 2022

The year gone by has witnessed unprecedented chaos and disruption in business and commerce. As an increasing number of businesses are reinventing themselves to meet the challenges of the post-pandemic reality, the role of enterprise SEO for virtually all types of businesses has never been clearer. SEO is proven to be the most cost-effective method for people to discover products and services and also for providing consumer behavior insights. Some SEO trends you need to monitor when planning your enterprise SEO strategy for the coming year:

Keep Up With Best Practices and Search Engine Algorithm Updates 

The online search environment is extremely dynamic, which makes it tough for SEO marketers to keep themselves updated with the developments and changes in search algorithms. Faced with constant change, SEO marketers have no other option but to attempt to stay ahead in the game by reacting, fixing, and optimizing their websites for best performance. Technical SEO came once more into sharp focus in 2021 with large updates like Core Web Vitals and Page Experience. The principles of Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) assume great importance, as well.

The introduction of Multitask Unified Model (MUM) by Google has changed the search landscape for all digital marketers, as they now need to factor in intent queries into their content to reduce the chances of searches turning up poor quality content. SEO professionals looking to increase revenue and brand value will need to focus more on proving that their content is credible and trustworthy. The recent Google spam update is also another step in the same direction. With change being rapid, Enterprise SEOs need to increasingly rely on technology to help them track change, and respond appropriately. In the coming year, SEO professionals will need to focus on content creation, website health, and structure. , They will also have to pay attention to page loading speed and real-time monitoring of performance using automation.

Increased Automation

There is already a greater focus on SEO automation by businesses and this will only accelerate. According to a survey by PwC, more than half of the respondents reported that they had speeded up the adoption of AI in their businesses. Additionally, routine task automation ranked in the top five applications. While some SEO practitioners fear automation as a threat to their jobs, it will assist brands and businesses to stay ahead of the curve and help better SEO implementation. Experts predict that automation will be essential for enterprise SEO to scale in 2022. When you adopt automation to take care of repetitive and routine tasks, you get more time to focus on strategy, innovation, and alignment of your digital channels – all vital aspects of integrated SEO practice. However, it is also vital; you do not spend all your time and energy trying to figure out the algorithm. You can use technology to detect and fix issues as appropriate.

For enterprise SEO services Washington Dc to succeed, you need to process a large amount of data, which is impossible by humans. Without automation, businesses cannot scale up. In 2022, you must look at automation for monitoring and detection anomalies in SERPs, constructing a profile of links and backlinks, generating reports on traffic and rankings. Automation will also assist data collection, link sourcing, advanced research on keyword intent, and content optimization. The third level of automation will involve real-time analysis of large data sets, conducting site, and content audits, implementing website error fixes, and enabling real-time decision-making SEO Agentur Dresden.

Data as Source of Business Intelligence 

The way people carry out online searches reflects trends in consumer behavior and preference. Similarly, trends in content creation and digital innovation get reflected in search. Consequently, as SEO practitioners realize the importance of search data in business intelligence, its use rises. According to studies, over half of the surveyed marketers believe that data and intelligence are the most important factors for driving their marketing performance. When large SEO data sets are collected and analyzed, it can give marketers more insights into consumers, such as trending interests in products, needs, and annoyances, preference for products, and urgency of demand. Businesses can pinpoint matters of importance more accurately and also view trends at both the industry level and at the category level by using business intelligence.

In the coming year, marketers need to develop their skills in advocating the benefits of using businesses intelligence insights to drive performance across key parameters like brand awareness, feedback for future product launches, and providing information on market trends. Additionally, they must focus on building lead generation campaigns and informing content and marketing teams on search intent and content consumption trends.

Better Integration Paid Search 

It is well established that Enterprise SEO marketers cannot work in isolation. They will need to work with both digital and paid search teams for the best impact. Earlier, in enterprise search often SEO and PPC used to be at loggerheads, however, given the fact that over 80% of search traffic comes from these two channels, there cannot be any conflict between the two. In an ideal situation, PPC can benefit from the insights SEO provides. Marketers can also use PPC to fill short-term gaps for valuable keywords and pages, boost mobile-first and local marketing performance with both SEO and PPC, and share insights across all marketing channels.

In the year to come, marketers must make sure there is a tight alignment of SEO with PPC so that the brand achieves maximum visibility in the SERPs. It will help to better satisfy users with specific intent and other important user personas. With SEO poised to become the pivot of all digital campaigns, insights can power marketing across multiple channels. Experts predict that the principal role of enterprise SEO will be to help discoverability of digital content in all forms. Additionally, digital marketers can understand the impact on business even without being proficient in technical SEO with automated insights.


2022 is projected to be the year in which enterprise SEO will come into its own with the opening up of multiple search opportunities ranging from mobile phones to smart TVs and IoT devices. There will be a rapid shift in enterprises using single solution tools to platforms configured to provide holistic solutions.

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