Toyota’s Better MPV Models – 2020

Toyota vehicles, with their outstanding record for offering reliability and durability are certainly the choice for millions of car owners around the world. They have won the trust of many customers from decades for providing convenience, comfort and safety with reliable, cost-efficient cars available all around the world. With that in mind here you can have a look at some of the better models of minivans and vans manufactured by Toyota, which are comfortable and dependable in terms of safety and space, with no compromise on the performance as well as efficiency of the vehicle. These two MPVs featured here are the best and the top picks for 2020, if you’re supporting a family of more than 3 and constantly going on long road trips and vacations.

  1. MPV Models

    MPV Models
    MPV Models

Toyota’s Avanza model of MPVs are certainly the most stylish looking, convenient and robust minivan variants for the company. With their stylish and sporty exteriors and comfy and better infotainment systems, these models have stood out for a lot of consumers and have been the choice for decades. The new avanza variants of 2020 are powered with efficient and reliable DOHC Dual-VVTi engine, providing smooth driving experience and better fuel consumption at a miserly rate of 14.8 L per 100 km of drive. These MPVs are also very quick in terms of acceleration with a 0-100kmph rate at only 13 seconds, all with the convenience of having more space, able to fit about seven people easily with timeless and cozy design. The avanza is also known for its safety features like anti-lock brake systems and Dual SRS airbags fitted on the driver’s end to make sure the passengers can feel safe and soothing with the ultimate riding experience. All of these wonderful specs and features are available in the market at the cheap budget range of $16k to $22k, so you don’t have to worry about the financial side of buying a car as much as the regular minivans with similar specs.

  1. Toyota Innova

Another compact MPV model manufactured by Toyota worthy to be featured here should be the innova model, with the word innovation deeply rooted in terms of the name, quality and performance all around. Innova model was first released back in 2004 when it gained much popularity as the more luxurious and expensive variant of the kijang model of MPVs by the same company. The newer variants of the car have been released this year before the pandemic and have also gained popularity for their new design and performance improvements. The Toyota innova comes with a sharp, sporty exterior with automatic LED projector headlamps, and robust allow wheels. This vehicle is road-trip ready with a 6-speed transmission and Dual Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) engine powering the wheels for better off-road as well as on road experience for the customers. The interior design is quite spacious and comfortable with captain seats, and foldable seat back trays that can make your travels cozy and smooth. Toyota ensures safety in this variant and has given an even higher importance with its 7 SRS Airbags wrapped around for full driver and passenger protection. The latest cars of this model have a price range of $35k to $22k with obviously better performance and luxury than the avanza model.


With these jam-packed features, robust designs, generous space and comfortable interiors Toyota has definitely secured a good position for dominance on the compact and mini MPV market and are one of the most reliable and cheap options for the customers all around the world.


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