Trading Bitcoin on IQ Option

Cryptocurrencies are one of the common issues that are growing a consistent balance as an alternative to buying and selling products and incentives on the internet even.

Cryptocurrency is a kind of virtual currency that is becoming popular as time progresses; more investors are engaged in virtual trading. Since no authority regulates them, this form of trading is receiving attention quickly. Several digital currencies are operating in the world today, and Bitcoin is the most common of them, and perhaps the most successful. That makes bitcoin one of the biggest attributes to invest in. IQ option gives investors the ability to invest in bitcoin among many other cryptocurrencies. It is the world pioneer in cryptocurrency trading.


IQ Option

IQ option is an excellent trading platform that enables the consumer to combine monetary instruments and capital.

This broker is recognized to aspire to establish itself through constantly searching for potential innovations of options trading. The award-winning iq option interface has consistently been acknowledged as a user-friendly, elegant, and comprehensive forum for both beginners and experienced investors. Besides, it provides the widest variety of trading indicators and resources to help you exchange, evaluate, and manage your cryptocurrency investments in trying to obtain the best performance.


Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency in which transaction information is preserved, and high denomination units are created by the computational solution of mathematical problems and function independently of the central bank.

Introduced in 2009, bitcoin is the largest global market cap cryptocurrency. It promises lower transaction costs than conventional electronic payment processes. There are no actual bitcoins, just balances maintained on the public ledger that everyone has unlimited access to that along with all bitcoin transactions – a vast amount of computational power is checked.

Trading Bitcoin on IQ Option

Trading bitcoin on the iq option platform is very simple and fast. The bitcoin binary options trading procedure is provided below.

Account Login

First of all, you need to go to the iq website or install a mobile phone app and sign in to your account. If you do not have an account, select on the main page of the website and fill in the necessary information (name, username, email, password, contact details, nation, birthdate) and accept the terms and requirements of the account. Click the “Open Free Account” button. You are welcome to start using it now. There are two distinct types of trading accounts accessible for the iq option: The standard and the demo account.

Selecting Resources

On the left side of the platform, you can see a drop-down box that enables you to choose which available resources you would like to share. Cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange, securities, indices, and commodities are open tools to glance at. You may explore resources by classifying or using their capability to identify a specific resource. In that case, it is bitcoin.

Choose an Amount

You will have the choice of inserting the amount you would like to trade on the right side of the trading platform, whether you want to buy or sell. Press the “Amount” icon to choose the cost of the bitcoin that you want to buy or sell. The more you reach, the more bitcoin you can buy. If you want to multiply the probable gain by a coefficient, you may also add a multiplier. But the multiplier also increases the risk. But obey your trading strategy, of course.

Choose to Purchase or Sell

Then according to your requirement, if you want to buy, tap the green button that says “buy,” otherwise, tap the red button to sell bitcoin. Later, a window will be opened to reach your place.

Forecasting and Open Trading

Then predict whether the price will increase or downward and choose accordingly. It will establish a transaction that can track through the “Open Positions” section.

Close Down the Trade

You may also automatically terminate the transaction if the resource crosses the threshold you have defined.

Since patterns are linked to the BTC financial reach, you can use help and resistance to make use of your benefit. The evolving pattern is high when the support and resistance level of bitcoin is split, so when illustrating the levels, you should suggest using 1-hour interval candles. Later, switch to a 15-minute candle chart so that when the support and resistance level is disrupted, you can immediately understand them. If you see an uptrend accompanied by values bursting out of the resistance stage, stay for the candles to close up. When it does, you can reach a trading position that extends from 1 to 3 hours.


IQ trading with bitcoin will open windows to many extraordinary investment opportunities. Because of its continuing craziness in the industry, this coin is often listed separately. IQ options also call for low-requirement fees that enable novice traders, and iq options can be regarded as a union position for all forms of clients. So, this is how to exchange with bitcoin in the iq option platform.

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