Trendy AI Use Cases to Nourish Your Business In 2022

Trendy AI Use Cases to Nourish Your Business In 2022

You will be surprised that AI is still not widely used in the majority of large businesses all over the world. It means small and medium-size companies can technologically exceed big players starting from January 2022. Due to the long presence of AI in the market, you can now choose from a variety of ready solutions to optimize your business without having to invent something new and invest in the expensive development. These five AI use cases will be a good start for any company that has never implemented them before. But if you faced the necessity of designing your custom ML solution, here is the team of IT and AI experts, who can help.

Customer Happiness and AI

Any business is about customers in the first place. If you have already gathered volumes of customer data through loyalty programs and reward systems, this one is definitely for you. By generating AI-based insights, you can provide helpful and just-on-time recommendations for your customers in real-time. By analyzing their purchase history and habits, automated chatbots can become a powerful guide for a customer while they visit your online resources.

Predicting Sales

AI and machine learning are quite common in sales forecasting. If you know every detail of your sales funnel and set up a predictive algorithm, you can boost your sales based on when your customers are typically ready to buy. Using predictive modeling, you will empower your salespeople to pick the right cohort of customers to work with this month, or set the auto reminders to the clients with their list of regular purchases.

Personalized Marketing

Another popular implementation of AI will benefit any marketing team in 2022. Marketing campaigns gather huge amounts of data daily, and it is one of the most quantified fields nowadays. Marketing data analysis can help make marketing messages more personalized and tailored to the needs of your target audience. Moreover, digital marketing knows way more than your marketing people, because digital tools are powered by specific data on when, where, and how your audience buys. By applying algorithms to your marketing campaigns, your offer will always be on time.

Talent Management with Machine Learning

Besides basic automation of mundane tasks, machine learning in talent management does more sophisticated and personalized things. Today some companies use robots to hold first interviews via the phone, and the screening process automation does not sound like anything new anymore. In a remote work world, employers can look beyond their domestic employment market, that is why the search for the perfect candidate has become more competitive and complicated. While some ready solutions can help you find your best talent, the development of your algorithms adjusted to your company’s needs will become a secret weapon of your human resources team.

Finance Management in Real-Time

In such a strict discipline as finance management, human errors still cost a lot to the owners. It is exactly an issue to solve with AI applications. Implement AI for your accounting and finances to reduce human errors and leave your accounting team with more ambitious tasks. Routine-free finance management will make your team more excited about the strategic decisions, and they will switch the focus to the bigger picture.

These five AI and machine learning use cases are not new, but they do not seem to become less trendy  soon. If you wish to collect more examples of ML cases, check this post. Many large companies struggle to modify their well-established routine processes, and 2022 will be the best time for progressive companies to get benefits from technologies to grab bigger market shares.

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