Turbo VPN on PC – A Free VPN That Really Works

Turbo VPN on PC

With the growth of the internet, the uses of the VPN application are growing rapidly. That is because of the increasing number of cybersecurity threats in recent years. As per Purplesec, there were around 80,000 cyber attacks per day in 2018, which sum up to 30 million per year. Businesses in the U.S. lost around $11.5 billion to the Ransomware for privacyinthenetwork.

Turbo VPN on PC

The Turbo VPN is designed to secure your browsing data from online threats. It utilizes military-grade protocols to ensure the highest level of security. If you are thinking about using the Turbo VPN on PC, then go through the article to acknowledge its features and details.

Introduction to Turbo VPN

The Turbo VPN is one of the most prevalent android VPN currently with millions of users around the globe. The VPN service is also available for iOS, Mac OS, and Windows OS. The VPN service is well-known for its top-notch functionalities like military-grade encryption, top-notch protocols, etc.

It is developed by Innovative Connecting PTE, a China-based VPN manufacturer. Though it is a cross-platform application, Turbo VPN is most popular amongst Android users. The VPN has been downloaded by more than one million people. As per the developers, people from more than 100 countries use the VPN.

The Turbo VPN is mostly suitable for those who only require the VPN to access the blocked websites. It is pretty straightforward to use and almost effortless to connect to the server. As a basic VPN, it may not offer you an extensive array of features. But the included functionalities are enough for a decent user experience.

Features of Turbo VPN

The capability of a VPN depends on the security features like encryption systems, stealth-ness, privacyonline and such other things. Check out the feature description of the Turbo VPN to acknowledge how much it can offer you.

Military Grade Encryption

The most lucrative feature of the Turbo VPN is its military-grade encryption. In case you don’t know, encryption is a technique of scrambling the data to make it unreadable by the third-parties. Only the sender and the receiver can read the encrypted data. It is vastly used by the VPNs to ensure the protection of your browsing data.

There are various types of encryptions but military-grade encryption is the most powerful. Turbo VPN uses AES-256 encryption, which is normally found in the expensive paid VPNs. Along with this, there are OpenVPN and IPSec industry-standard protocols, which are great for speed and protection.

Unblock Websites

In almost all the countries and regions, there are some websites blocked for various reasons. The reason for the geo-restrictions may include political, religious, and cultural issues. Turbo VPN can help you to unblock any restricted websites from anywhere. As an example, Facebook, Youtube, Google, etc. are blocked in China.

You can also remove restrictions on the School or Office Wi-Fi. The Turbo VPN’s powerful protocols keep your identity hidden while connecting the blocked websites or services. The government and ISP will be unable to monitor your browsing data. You can browse through any website with full peace of mind.


Turbo VPN has 29 servers in different locations of the world. Some of the server locations include the USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, India, Singapore, France, etc. The VPN service has servers in almost all the top cities around the globe. However, only a few servers are available for the free version of the VPN.

Upon clicking on the connect button, you will be connected to the fastest server. However, you can also choose the preferred server locations. You can access around 5 to 10 shared servers on the trial version. On the other hand, all the VIP servers can be used if you purchase the VPN.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Speed

As the manufacturer advertises, the Turbo VPN offers you unlimited bandwidth and speed. You can access any website at a pleasant speed. The bandwidth is also unlimited which means you can browse for an unlimited time. You should be able to stream games, TV shows, sports, etc. without any buffering.

Though the Turbo VPN is advertised to be pretty first, some users claimed the speed is unstable. Especially, on the paid version, you may face connection lost issues very often.

User-Friendly Interface

As we previously mentioned, the Turbo VPN is a basic VPN which is designed for non-professional and casual uses. That is why the VPN features an extremely easy to use interface. You don’t even require a login to connect the servers. Simply click on “Connect” and you will be connected to the best servers near you.

It also lets you purchase the paid version with only a few clicks through the Google Play Store or App Store. The settings of the app are also pretty simple with no advanced options. You can manage when to connect, which protocol to use, and notifications from the settings.

24/7 Customer Service

The Turbo VPN has an always active customer support team to answer your queries and solve your issues. They offer support through email and Facebook chat. Using the platforms, you can contact them anytime and get a reply as soon as possible. However, it would be better if they had a direct chat option from the website.

Logging Policy

Even though a popular VPN service provider, the logging policy of the Turbo VPN is unclear. There is no privacy policy page on the website of the Turbo VPN. As a result, it is impossible to know whether or not the VPN stores the user data. The VPN developer should solve the issues as soon as possible for better transparency.


If you are searching for a decent and user-friendly VPN client, then the Turbo VPN can be a sure shot for you. However, we will not recommend you to use the paid version of the VPN as it is not worthy. We hope the above writeup will give you an understanding of the functionalities of the Turbo VPN.

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