Types of betting sites

When we talk about betting sites, we most often refer to standard bookmakers. These are houses that accept predictions on sporting events and pay out winnings according to a bet and pre-set odds. But did you know that there are other types of sites that offer atypical and exotic options! Here’s what they are and what their main advantages are.

Traditional bookmakers

Let’s start from the familiar. All operators licensed by the local gambling commission fall into this category (e.g. Bet365 and Bwin). In their sections there are thousands of events that users predict live or before the first signal.

Each option is priced with odds based on statistics, traders’ expectations and the current state of the teams/players. Depending on the value of the bet and the wager placed, the profit is determined.

Traditional bookmakers use different techniques to attract customers. Most often they give out bonuses (initial and loyalty), add no margin to selected markets and provide full and partial cashout options. They are suitable for both beginners and experienced in the field, which is the reason for the huge interest in them.

Betting Exchanges

Sports betting exchanges are less common. One of the best known is that of Betfair, which operates on the USA market.

Unlike regular bookmakers, the exchanges can prove themselves as traders. You can set odds for future matches and accept bets from other users, as online operators do.

There are two main bets in the exchanges – “For” and “Against”. For example, you bet on whether the home team will win or not, i.e. there is no third outcome. This lowers the risk.

The odds in betting exchanges are often higher for several reasons. Firstly, each user can set their own odds based on their expectations and, secondly, low commissions are deducted (1% to 7%). The more active a participant is, the lower the fee they pay to the company.

Anonymous betting sites without verification

Participation in online betting is consistent with several important procedures – registration, deposit, bonus request, verification. If you want to save yourself time and effort, you can avoid the last process. There are anonymous betting sites without verification on that page https://no-verification.casino/betting-sites/ that are reliable and fair to their customers. 

The characteristic of the bookmakers in this group is the lack of a regional license. They are regulated by worldwide jurisdictions such as those in Gibraltar, Curacao, Isle of Man and Malta. This does not take away from their security, on the contrary, bets are settled fairly and there are self-policing options.

Another feature of anonymous sites is the acceptance of crypto payments. The most popular digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, Monero, Litecoin and others can be used to load and withdraw from the account. Transfers are processed instantly without incurring large fees.

Brokers that aggregate multiple bookmakers

Brokers, also called agents, are universal betting platforms that contain offers from different bookmakers. Imagine a site that aggregates the runs and markets of Bet365, Unibet, Bwin. This way you compose your bet faster and know where the best bet is for the respective selection.

The biggest betting brokerages are the Asian ones (e.g. BetinAsia). Here too, you are required to create an account by entering data – email address, names, gender. The account is then funded via the chosen method and betting commences.

Some agents accept predictions in non-standard ways – Skype and WhatsApp. The bettor communicates the desired selections and the value of the wager, after which the amount is withdrawn from his bank.

Professional bookmakers

Betting sites aimed at professionals fall into this category. If you are a tipster and are professionally involved in analysing sporting events, the best solution is to register with an operator of this kind (e.g. Pinnacle).

You won’t find many bonuses in them, as their idea is different and relies on the value of the odds. Professional bookies keep low margins, which reflects on the bets and raises them noticeably. For example, on traditional sites the brand advantage is between 6% and 10%, while on professional sites it is less than 2%.

As for registration, deposits, withdrawals – there are no differences. It is mandatory to open an account and deposit funds via the method that is most convenient for you.

However, there are quite a few distinctive features when it comes to betting. Bets are placed on major markets, high stakes are accepted, and the focus is not only on popular events. These are the reasons why most analysts join pro bookmakers.


Where you bet is your choice! Join a site that suits the way you play, and be sensible. If you feel addicted, there is the option to limit deposits or self-exclude for a period of time. These options are valid on all betting sites.

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