Types of Commercial Entrance Mats You Can Choose

Entrance Mats

Many kinds of doormats are available that are specially designed for commercial usage purpose. The entrance door mats placed before the main door of offices and shops are well designed and look attractive to promote the thought of flourishing business. Hence, while choosing among the many kinds of entrance mats a business person needs to think twice before ordering the mats.

The trendiest among them is the WaterHog door mats that are selling like hot cakes worldwide because of their various usable benefits. You can have the best of them from Ultimate Mats online shop. There you get to view many kinds of commercial doormats that cost a reasonable price and even you can customize them according to your preference. However, to make the right choice of the mats, it is beneficial to be armed with detailed information about them.

Here are the types of popular commercial entrance mats-

  • Classic mats: They are mostly placed at the entrance where the foot traffic is more than average. Most of them have a nitrile rubber layer at the bottom hence there are negligible chances of slipping. This anti-skid fabric acts as filters for dust and dirt. It helps in stopping the pollutants enter into the premises. They are one of the most common mats that are preferred for trading establishment’s entrance as they are durable, designed using dark colors and easily customized.
  • Logo Mats: It is almost made like classic mats and has similar qualities as well. The only difference is these kinds of mats are customized and used as a promotional tool. The trading company’s brand name is designed on the surface of the doormats. It is best to choose top-rated manufacturers of doormats providing the latest printed logos like the HD types.
  • Anti- fatigue mats: It is even known as completely comfortable flow mats that are used in the place where people stand for long hours in their workspace. They are grease and oil resistant thus mainly used in garages, commercial kitchen and factories manufacturing food products.
  • Scraper mats: They are mostly used in crowded places as they have the ability to scrape any dirt, and debris materials attaché to the soles of the footwear. Thus, it acts as the suitable solution for working places where debris is littered around and dirt is prominently lying outside.
  • Water dam mats: As the name suggests these kinds of doormats are useful to absorb moisture. They are used mainly in rainy seasons to keep the premises clean. They can even hold dirt and mud that sticks to footwear while stepping in muddy water.

Rubber backing mats are the best choice as they are quite durable and non-slippery. The fashionable choice is the vinyl entrance mats that can scrap the dirt and debris from the shoe’s soles, thus the inner floors of the office remain dirt-free. All the kinds of commercial entrance doormats are equally useful however there is a need to check its other qualities like durability, design and low maintenance. You can get the best of them at Ultimate mats online shop.

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