UFOs Are Invading GTA 5 During The Halloween Event

The GTA 5 Halloween event has taken over San Andreas. This year’s spooky happenings include not just your usual Halloween monsters but also beings from space.We are talking about aliens that have come in their UFOs to see what’s happening here. 

If you remember last year’s Halloween event, it is not the first time you will encounter aliens in Los Santos and Blaine County. But this event compels you with new prizes and rewards. You need to find the UFOs and take a picture of them. Send them to Omega and you will be rewarded. Each photo adds 1,000 RP and $15,000 to your GTA 5 account. A special reward is reserved for those who find them all. A Halloween-themed pair of shorts and a cap are part of the rewards. Let’s see where you need to go to snap a pic of the UFOs. Besides, come to U7buy if you are looking to buy GTA V modded accounts for cheap prices! U7buy GTA 5 shop is a one-stop shop for accounts, boosting services, and money!

Where To Find the UFOs in the GTA 5 Online Halloween Event

UFOs will appear throughout October. Log into your GTA 5 account and start spotting them so you can claim the grand prize at the end of the hunt.

The first UFO appears at Paleto Bay. 

The second location is somewhere above the Pacific Ocean. Getting to it might be tricky as you cannot swim there and air vehicles don’t work as usual in the presence of an alien ship. 

The third one is on top of Mount Chiliad. 

To see the fourth one, you must travel to the eastern part of El Gordo and go to the lighthouse. The Altruist Camp is where you need to be for the fifth UFO. 

If you travel east of Sandy Shores you will arrive at the Beam Me Up installation that is the location of the sixth sighting. 

The Satellite Relay Station in the Grand Senora Desert is a point of interest as the seventh location.

If you want to see the eighth, Fort Zancudo is the place. 

The ninth sighting is a double one.You can see a UFO like the others in Harmony, Grand Senora Desert. However, if you make your way towards Fort Zancudo, you will see another one. Check out the $50,000 GTA money and 1,000 RP in your GTA 5 account as a bonus for spotting the second ship. 

The 10th UFO has been seen near the Bolingbroke Penitentiary. 

Take a walk in the Vinewood Hills and you might see the 11th UFO. 

The Palmer-Taylor power station is the location of the 12th sighting. 

If you happen to be near Paleto on the 13th day, you cannot miss the UFO. 

The 14th day brings three sightings. Fort Zancudo, the Altruist Camp, and the farm are the locations. 

Head east on the 15th day and you will bump into three UFOs once again. Don’t miss any of the alien ships if you want the big reward.

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