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Understanding The Meaning of HMS

Understanding The Meaning of HMS

HMS is a Huawei platform that on your Huawei and Honor phones replaces popular Google apps and services such as Gmail, Maps, cloud storage, etc. HMS also offers tools and services to third-party developers for the development of their apps. With HMS, Huawei strives to do what Google does with people and developers in the standard Android world with its ecosystem.

HMS has a user-facing feature and a developer-facing component called HMS Core (AppGallery and other first-party Huawei apps and services). HMS Core is made up of different APIs, SDKs, and utilities that can be used by developers to build and upgrade apps.

Huawei Mobile Services has been around for years, but after the US ban that stripped it of Google Mobile Services, Huawei relaunched and extended the network.

Global models, along with the pre-installed AppGallery, of the Honor 9X Pro, View 30 Pro and Huawei Mate XS are available with HMS. These are phones that Huawei published after a US ban. HMS is also available alongside GMS, on many other Huawei models that were released before the ban.

Huawei reports that HMS now has more than 570 million monthly active users worldwide and that in 170+ countries, its Smartphone Gallery is open. We expect HMS to run on all future Huawei phones, including the forthcoming P40 series. The business is likely to continue to build and support HMS on its devices even though Huawei somehow gets access to GMS again in the future.

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What does HMS include?


HMS provides a lot of offers on the user-facing side that seek to replace GMS. The Huawei AppGallery, an alternative to the all-important Google Play Store, is the most notable of them. A list of all the main facilities HMS has to provide is below. We’ve created a special segment for the Huawei AppGallery at the end of this page for the sake of clarification.

Huawei ID

Huawei ID is the first and foremost prerequisite for using HMS. Huawei ID helps you to configure your Huawei devices, much like Apple ID or a Google account. Some of your data is synced to your Huawei ID, including contacts, texts, Wi-Fi passwords, and so on.

Huawei Mobile Cloud

Huawei Mobile Cloud operates with Huawei ID in sync, enabling you to view all the data on your smartphone in one location. It’s literally where images, videos, contacts, schedules, notes, and more are kept for backup purposes. You have up to 5 GB of free cloud storage, and you can purchase up to 2 TB of extra storage after that. You should go to to see the entire backup if you want to view your Huawei cloud data on a PC.

Huawei Assistant

The Honor 9X Pro, Huawei Mate XS, and Honor View 30 Pro global models are all fitted with the Huawei Assistant, a virtual assistant that replaces the Google Assistant’s core functions. It enables connectivity for data discovery and apps. It also has a SmartCare feature, covering 150 sporting events and more than 150 stock markets, that provides access to contextual cards for stocks and sports. With the digital assistant, all future devices running EMUI 10 or above will be fitted.

Huawei Themes

Huawei Themes is the theme app for HMS. With different themes, fonts, icons, locks, displays, and wallpapers, it helps you to customize your handset.

Huawei Music

This is the music streaming service offered by the company. So far, Huawei hasn’t said anything about it, and it may not be globally available on all devices right now. An official page for the site, though, tells us that it will house popular artists’ music much like every other music streaming app. Music can also be categorized according to various genres, moods, continents, and more. For a shared listening experience, a party mode feature would allow users to play the same track on multiple mobile phones simultaneously.

Huawei Video

On Huawei and Honor devices running EMUI version 5 or higher, the Huawei Video streaming service is available. It only operates with those who are enrolled in Italy or Spain with Huawei IDs. European and Spanish TV shows, short films, sporting videos, documentaries, and movies are available on the service.

Huawei Browser

What the name means is the Huawei Browser: a tool for browsing the internet. The browser also comes with an optimized newsfeed and for ease of use, has a Dark Mode.


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